April 25, 2011

Movie Monday: Naughty Marietta

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This week's Movie Monday is one of my favorite musicals - which is not available on DVD.

Yes, I know the title sounds like a porn movie. Don't let that throw you off. It's actually a very fun operetta. Don't let that throw you off, either.

Marie (Jeanette MacDonald) is a young, beautiful French princess scheduled to be married to an old Duke from Spain against her will. She stows away on a bride ship to "the New World" to try and start a new life where no one will know her. On the way, her ship is besieged by pirates. Then she and the other prospective brides are rescued by a brand of mercenary soldiers - the leader of which (Nelson Eddy) is a handsome, dashing man who also happens to be a fabulous baritone. :) It is an operetta, after all! To protect herself, she has told everyone, including the soldiers and the citizens of New Orleans, that she is a courtesan from Paris called Marietta looking to start a new life. Meanwhile, the King of France has put a price on her head for anyone who will find her and send her back to France for the wedding.

MacDonald/Eddy movies are some of my favorites. They are nearly always cheesy, but they have great music (particularly if you like to sing and sing along to musicals, like me) and watching the two of them interact is loads of fun. It's coming on TCM Wednesday morning at 9:15/8:15 AM. Set your DVRs!!
Next week begins Movie Monday: Documentary Edition for the month of May. I'll be announcing them ahead of time so you have the chance to watch them before I put up the post, so we can be able to really discuss them and share perspectives. So, next week, I'll be covering The Case for Christ. Click the link to go to the Netflix live streaming.
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