April 20, 2011

How Do You Not Love Myrna?

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Myrna Loy, that is.

Myrna Loy is one of my Top 5 all-time favorite actresses. I'll watch anything she is in, because whether or not the movie itself is any good, she is always fabulous.

Even though she was just a girl from Montana, at first they only cast her as heavily-accented foreign characters because of her exotic looks.

This quickly gave way to her more well-known persona, the lovely, ordinary American woman. You know, the ordinary American woman who also just happens to be abnormally gorgeous.

She literally could do anything. Comedy, drama, melodrama, romance. Her timing and tone are always pitch-perfect.
And she's just classy. Watching a biography of her the other day, I just couldn't get over what a great person she seemed to be.
The only quibble I had with the docu was that, because she stopped making movies during WWII to work for the Red Cross and USO, they said she sacrificed more than any other actor in Hollywood during WWII. I don't really agree with that. Numerous actors stopped working because they enlisted and went into harm's way to fight for their country. And don't let anyone tell you it was tokenism, that they were shielded because of their star status. History doesn't bear that out at all.
Even so, she had a great life and a fantastic career, getting to work alongside Hollywood's top leading men, like Clark Gable....

...Cary Grant....

...and the man with whom she was most often - and best - paired, William Powell.

I was watching some movies of hers and wondered who it was reminded me of her, physically, that is. Suddenly it hit me:

Olivia Wilde. No, really. Put a nose job on Myrna and I swear they could be sisters.

If you haven't seen a good Myrna Loy movie, like The Thin Man, Libeled Lady or The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer, you really must. Netflix has a good collection of them for you to browse through. I recommend starting with The Thin Man. It really is her most famous and defining role.

Love Myrna Loy. :)

Do you have a favorite classic movie actress?

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  1. Just found your blog today! I love old movie and real movie stars. Today's gals just dont have the same "it" factor. I will be reading...I hope you come check my blog out too...

  2. Oh yay! I won!!!

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