April 5, 2011

Grrr Tuesday

There's no TV Tuesday because there was no Amazing Race this week....and I couldn't care less about March Madness.

It's only 0930 (my time) and already it's been quite a day. You know we got Jeb fixed last week. Today I was going to take Achilles. The vet I was going to take him to is a mobile clinic, which I know sounds shady but they are really very good and very professional. Anyway, I can only take them on Tuesdays because that's when they are on our side of town (almost).

I load Achilles in the car (I left Jeb here because he doesn't like car rides anyway, so I wasn't going to make him ride for no reason, and I wanted to go by Walmart on the way home anyway) and head to their spot.

The clinic isn't there. I think, well, it's a mobile clinic, maybe they've had car trouble. So I wait a little bit. Then they're a half an hour late, so I call. Apparently, they were at a different location today. Really? I had no idea where the other place was (other than further away) and I wasn't going to turn this into an hour drive one-way. So I grumble and drive home, with Achilles moaning of boredom in the backseat.

As I'm driving home, I remember there's a Carl's Jr. on the way, and I start really jonesing for a breakfast biscuit. I think Carl's Jr. has the best breakfast biscuits anywhere, and I haven't had one in weeks, since last summer. So I thought, maybe this morning won't be a total waste. I pull in the drive-through and order a biscuit.

"Oh, we don't sell biscuits here. Would you like a breakfast burrito?"

Seriously? Ugh. Fine. Burrito, then.

Welcome to El Paso. :p

So it's been a wash of a morning all around. On the upside? After being left home alone for the first time, Jeb was very affectionate when I got home. So that was nice.

Anyway, so this isn't just a grumble post, here are some recent pics of the pups.

When I went to get a drink. Little punk.

The week we brought them home, in February

Last night. They've still got a good six months of growth left, too, at least.

They aren't usually in the mood to pose for photos

In the drive-thru.


  1. We were on the couch all ready for Amazing Race...and the Country Music Award or something was on. So not cool!

  2. i just love your puppies!!! Jeb is adorable, he reminds me of our German Shephard growing up. and achilles is beautiful, I mean handsome!!

  3. This really made me laugh (the Carl's Jr. part, not the rough morning part). How did that burrito compare, bud? You can always count on Chick-fil-a... except on Sundays.

  4. Well I don't know why anyone would prefer a burrito over a biscuit! But the Carl's Jr in Colorado also didn't sell biscuits...what a bust!
    I did love their taco salads though!

  5. I am so behind on The Amazing Race. I really need to catch up!

  6. Sorry your Tuesday didn't work out as planned, but I bet your pup enjoys one more day with the family jewels lol. The last picture, with him in the mirror, is marvelous!


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