April 28, 2011

Friday Randomness

Pursuant to my blog post yesterday, in which I suggested that I start just commenting with JG wuz here whenever I read a blog but couldn't think of a "real" comment, Mrs. S spurred on my thought process, and I think I'm going to give all my BBs a blog challenge.

I know we all get brain freeze when it comes to commenting sometimes, but who likes writing a post and seeing dozens of hits on STATS but only getting 3 comments? So, for the next week, I challenge all my BBs to leave a comment on every blog they read, either an actual contributive comment or just "____ was here" (or "wuz" if you roll like that).

I think it'll be fun to perk each other up with some acknowledgement, and if someone asks what the comments are about, you can refer them back here.
How about some puppy pics?

Jeb has gotten huge. Those are SoldierMan's running/PT shoes. Yes, his head is as big as one shoe.

Achilles is a Husky, which means he's a runner. He can run Jeb into the ground 3 times over. But the other day at the dog park, we found a dog that could outrun Achilles:

The two of them ran laps together back and forth along the fence dividing the large and small dogs. And Achilles wore out before this little fella did. Of course, Achilles is half his age, but I thought it was funny.

Achilles is by far the more expressive puppy, but occasionally Jeb makes faces of his own. SoldierMan got a big happy face out of him the other night:

And then there are the special moments when I can get them to look at the camera without running away. I swear, they know when I'm trying to take their picture...even if it's just on my phone. They bolt like lighting.

I'm not sure what noise I was making to get them to both look at me at the same time, but it obviously struck Achilles as odd:

Happy puppies. :)

Yesterday I had a heck of a migraine coming on, still not sure why, but I went to lay down. As usual, the pups followed and Jeb curled up on the foot of the bed (which is also where he dozes after SoldierMan leaves for work at dark-thirty). The dark, cool cold room, some Aleve and a big glass of water was a welcome relief.

When I woke up, I realized I could stretch my legs and pull up the covers. I assumed Jeb had gone in the living room to play with Achilles.

Until I rolled over and saw this:

I guess he decided someone needed to take SoldierMan's place. He was dead asleep, too, I took over a dozen pics with the flash in a dark room and it didn't wake him up even a little. I almost hated waking him up, he looked so comfy, but experience has taught me that if I don't wake him up when I leave the room - if he wakes up to find me gone - he gets very upset. He'll start outright crying until either I find him or he finds me. So, I woke him up and we went in the main room so he could sleep on the couch while I did dishes. He's my boy. And he's curled up next to me on the couch right now.


  1. Alright woman now if Mr. Superman hollers at me for spending more time by commenting instead of just reading, I'll direct him here. Seriously though, I am in love with Huskies but your boy there is adorable. Is he Husky mix at all? Ever since you got your pups I have been begging for us to get ours earlier than expected. We have been planning for a year now to get one in August when Mr. Superman goes back to school and we are done with vacays. They are just too adorable and I love how protective they are.

  2. I stinkin' love your puppies!! I'm going to take your challenge... And roll with "wuz" because it's so totally 90s. ;-)

  3. That white dog is a fluff monster!

    Julie wuzzzz heaaaa!

  4. That is too funny that he took SoldierMan's spot! I can't believe how big they've gotten!

  5. New Follower here. Just wanted to say you have an ADORABLE blog :)

  6. They look huge, but they are so stinkin cute!

  7. Lisa was here

    Ok, but really, the dogs are adorable! I love it!

  8. Love the challenge...so Poekitten was here. And your puppies are so cute!

  9. I was so here. And I cannot believe he was straight up laying on SoldierMan's pillow! That is adorable. They are sweet pups.

  10. how cute!!!!! our dog always climbs in the bed like that too!!!

  11. I really try hard to remember to leave comments. I am new to your blog and wanted to let you know I have enjoyed reading it today.

  12. *clears throat* So I totally randomly ran acorss your blog today, and Im in love. I will be stealing your button, but I also wanted to say, you may have cured my cyber shyness! I agree whole heartedly I get tons of hits and very few comments! :( So Im going to accept your challange, not only for a week, but for the long run of my bloggin'. So, as you would say, Chels wuz here :) It's nice to e-meet you and your beautiful oh so furry family!!! :D Happy to follow you!


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