March 2, 2011


A couple of sweet people have asked about how the book is coming along.

The good news is, progress is being made. It took me a while, with the moving and puppies and everything, to really get back into it. But I'm trucking along with my next drafting process. In fact, somebody thinks I've been giving the project a little too much attention recently.

Actually, I'm almost to a very important point in the process. It's about time to get some "beta" readers (or whatever the term is). And it makes me very nervous.

Firstly, of course, because letting someone read something I've put so much time and energy and emotion into is really nervewracking for me. I know I'm insecure, but there have even been some blog posts on here that I held my breath on when I clicked "Publish."

The other side, though, is a little different. I need to enlist several different people to read and critique for me, and I have a few people in mind, but I need to get some more. And well, if I'm honest, I'm afraid of a Midnight Sun incident. So I'm still working on whittling down who I want to ask. SoldierMan, of course, is top on the list, and believe it or not, it will be his first time to see it. No, really.

That sounds really schizophrenic. I'm afraid people will read the story and not like it - at the same time I'm afraid they will read it and like it enough to pass it around to people without my permission. I know, I have issues. That's why I'm a "writer" and not an accountant. That, and I can't add.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. Thanks, again, for all your support for this project, even though you have no idea what it is. That's really special.


  1. I was thinking about you and your project yesterday! Chantal and I were talking about her writing (ok, I was grilling her about how stories "come to her" =P) and I wondered how yours was coming. =) I know I'm not an editor or writer (other than blogging and those history essays/papers from college), but I'd be happy to read it if you'd like.

  2. if it would make you feel better, i will read it, and when I am ready to pick my people to read my first (of three) books, I will let you:-) i am going through ANOTHER you, i am so critical of myself! have you found a publisher yet...or should I say an agent? a friend of mine gave me some pointers on this step, so let me know if want the pointers too! :-) What is your book about? I must have missed those posts!

  3. Thanks for the update! I was wondering how the process was going. I know I have said it before but I really admire anyone that can sit down and actually write a book! Especially since dry research papers are more my forte;)

  4. BE CONFIDENT!!!!!!! You are an amazing writer...and I am SO jealous of that talent. If I thought I could write a book, I totally would. And like I've said before, when yours is published I will be the first in line to buy it!!!!!!!!

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm sure everyone is going to love it... and if they don't, then they are stupid anyway! I totally want to be a beta reader, lol. But I will definitely buy it the first day it comes out... and tell EVERYONE in the store that I "know" the author. haha.

  6. So I'm really curious- does your hubs know the basic plot of the story? Are you going to try to get it published? I'm excited for you! Mom's are always a safe bet for secret keeping.

    And since you mentioned it- is Stephanie Meyer ever going to finish Midnight Sun?

  7. I totally feel you on the not wanting other people to read it. There are times when I'm just blogging and Dusty is sitting behind me and I Just. Can't. Do it. He has to leave or make it obvious that he can't see the screen. Anyway, good luck with it all! I am sure it will be amazing.


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