March 28, 2011

TV Tuesday...kind of different, though

Oops, this published early. Oh well.

First, the Amazing Race wrap-up.

I'm glad Gary and Mallory got a 1st place leg finally. And the Cowboys came second, not bad at all. What did you think?

And here's some puppy TV for you. :)

Some of you may have seen this on facebook, titled "Achilles in trouble." First, a little background. Achilles is a husky. He gets bored really easily, and is still very much a puppy and craving attention. In this clip, he's trying to get in trouble because I had been working on the computer and he felt ignored. That's why he didn't fight me over taking the shoe back. But this is a mini-episode of him getting in trouble and arguing with me about the rules.

Trust me, if he had really wanted that shoe, he would have really been back-talking me right then! He only put up a mild argument this time.

And this clip shows why Achilles isn't too keen on playing with the frisbee. It presents much too much of a challenge for him. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet.

And yes, that's normally what they look like. Achilles playing and messing with stuff, Jeb looking on and wishing Achilles would shut it own so he could take a nap. :)

By the way, we think we've had a breakthrough in pegging Jeb's mix. The other day we were at the dog park and I had my assumption about Jeb being mostly German Shepherd confirmed. There was another GS puppy there about the same age, and they had the exact same head, tail and gait. So, that settled that. But what about his strange coat and bald patches? Several people at the dog park commented that he looked part coyote, that they knew people who had coyote mix dogs and had the same coloring, and characteristic bald patches. And doing some google images research, I've come to agree with them.

So, I think we've pegged it. A German shepherd/coyote mix puppy. I'm very glad he's got such a mellow, eager-to-please personality. :) Thankfully, his aggression only really comes out if Achilles tries to wake him up from a nap. Then, look out!


  1. They're so cute! Now that you say it, Jeb does look like he's part coyote.

  2. I love the videos :) My dog talks back to us too and it's so cute. It's hard to stay mad at that lol.

  3. That is SO ironic!!! I just posted a video on Facebook today about Zoe backtalking me this morning. I'll have to post it on my blog! These huskies are something else!

  4. Haha!! Too stinkin' cute!! I love that he was talking back. =P My SIL's dog does that a lot. It's hilarious!

    I never thought about Jeb being part German Shepherd, but now that you mention it I totally agree! And you're lucky, German Shepherds aren't usually that chill. We had one when I was a kid and he was very hyper!

    Puppies are definitely good entertainment. =)

  5. I love that he talks back to you! I'm sorry, but that's just hilarious. I wish he would have really been in trouble so I could have seen a real tantrum :) And I've never heard of a coyote mix breed! That's wild.

  6. Love the videos!! Soooo cute! :)

    I was sad that Margie and Luke were eliminated. They were my favorites. :(

  7. One day I will have to give the Amazing Race a try. But right now I am occupied with so many other shows. :)

  8. I love seeing your pups! They have such big personalities :) Now that you say coyote mix it totally makes sense, but I wouldn't have thought about it off the bat.


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