March 21, 2011

TV Tuesday

Oh my gravy!!

It's about time my boys won a leg! I was hollerin' with Cord Sunday night. That's a good end to an episode.

Oh, that double U-turn! I have to say, I understand Jamie and Cara's U-turn more than Kent and Vxyxn's. I mean, how low is it to U-turn someone right in their face and say, "uh, sorry, but we've got a time penalty." Just seems kind of shady. And Jaime and Cara knew for sure the Globetrotters were behind them, and were trying to cover themselves. But that's just my opinion.

And, like I say, I'm super excited that the boys came in first this leg, but I do feel a little sorry for Gary and Mallory. I mean, if you're going to use that express pass, you'd hope it would let you jump ahead to first, right? I wonder if they're going to have a Fast Forward this season as well. A Fast Forward is an extra event at the beginning of a leg that, if you complete it, you get to skip the leg and go straight to the pit stop. Sometimes they aren't too awful - eating an entire sheep's head for one thing. But one season one team had to get matching tattoos. Like real tattoos. I'd be running the leg. But that's just me.

Who watched this week? What did you think? That dinosaur thing looked impossible!


  1. Okay, okay. I'm afraid this whole feeling out of the loop for TV Tuesday is going to get to me and eventually I will start watching. I just got started watching American Idol online though, and I have a hard time following more than one show when I'm that far behind!

  2. I was so excited the Cowboys came in first. I'm with you though, I thought it was pretty low of Kent and Vxyn to U-turn someone standing right there. I've never liked them anyway though.

  3. I missed it this week cause I was visiting family. I'm going to have to watch it online now:) YAY for the cowboys winning a leg!!!


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