March 14, 2011

TV Tuesday

Firstly, I am guest posting over at drifts into randomness today. So if you haven't gotten enough JG today, hop on over and check out my (brief) guest post for my good friend ae!

So, Amazing Race.

I'm not going to say anything about it taking Kent and Vyxyn 12 or so hours to get from their hotel to the airport. Being severely directionally-challenged myself, I'm in no place to speak. However, I do want to say, I was very impressed with how Kent handled it. Pretty much any other couple that's ever been on the show, the guy would have been yelling after being lost for 5 minutes. At least, that's what history shows.
They make a good team, and if they get booted, I'll be sorry to see them go.

And I know how this will sound, but finding out Ron is Chinese....explains so much. I used to tutor for Chinese families back home. I loved my Chinese families back in Oklahoma, but the whole "Tiger Mom/Tiger Dad" is so true. Granted, they usually didn't lose their cool in public, but they didn't live with cameras in their faces for 24 hours straight.

And, of course, another To Be Continued week. Ugh. I wonder if they are doing these because they are going to fewer countries than usual? Or is it going to be a longer season? I'm not getting the strategy here. What do you think?


  1. It does seem like every other episode is a "to be continued" episode and it makes me think that maybe they just weren't getting the rating they wanted and it was a way to keep people coming back...idk.


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