March 6, 2011

Movie Monday: You Can't Take It With You


Today's Movie Monday is another long-time favorite, a whimsical rom-com:

Alice and Tony are young, beautiful, and in love. Tony is a Vice President in a successful bank, Alice is his secretary. Tony comes from a very stuffy, upper-class family. Alice....

Alice comes from a very eccentric family. She lives in the family home with her grandfather, parents, sister...and assorted others who have come to the house over the years. None of them are steadily employed. They simply live doing whatever they enjoy doing. The dad makes fireworks in the basement all day. The mom is a playwright. The sister makes candy and takes ballet lessons. They aren't rich, but they are happy.

In short, the two come from totally different backgrounds. Add to that some conspiracy and intrigue by the bank to try and evict Alice's family from their home, and you have a whole host of obstacles for the two young loves.

This is a textbook Frank Capra feel-good romantic comedy. (Sorry, I guess I just spoiled the ending!) All of the actors are A-list: Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore, Ann Miller, Edward Arnold....well, maybe you don't recognize their names, but you will recognize their personalities if you watch classic movies at all.

The basic message of the movie is "life is too short to not love what you do every day." And Alice's family lives that out, and it's a joy to watch. At the end of this movie, you believe that you can make your dreams come true, too.

This is a gem you will want to watch again and again. It's available on netflix, so get it on your queue pronto!


  1. Oooh this looks like a good one!!

  2. You always pick out the best movies!

  3. Awww, that sounds like one I'd really like. I canceled our Netflix when we came overseas (thinking I couldn't keep the account...which isn't true) but maybe I can find this at the library. They've got a ton of classics. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I have not seen this one yet. I am now adding it to my queue!

  5. I am a sucker for old movies! This is definitely going on the list.

  6. I LOVE this movie!!! My sister was in this place in high school (she was Alice). Such a wonderful picture.


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