March 4, 2011

Friday Randomness


So, yesterday, I had a really good, serious, important blog post in mind for today. But I forgot what it was before I got the chance to write it. So, today is going to be a day of randoms.
Firstly, my family left this morning for vacation. For a Mediterranean cruise.

Yeah. I'm sure they'll have a blast. Without me. I made my mom and brother promise me lots of text messages. Which reminds me, I need to make sure my sister does, too.
I am so close to getting the gift card I want at Swagbucks. Have you heard of Swagbucks?

Search & Win

Swagbucks is basically a sponsored search engine, so that whenever you search for something, you get "points" to spend in their store. And I am like a handful of points away from a $50 gift card to Amazon. I've already got my cart full and ready to check out. Free cash money, baby!

Click on the banner above to get started. It's super easy....and I get points for every referral. :)
Do any of y'all play Cafe World on facebook? I started it while SoldierMan was gone a couple of years ago to help me pass the time, and I'm still addicted. Yeah, that's my cafe up there. It's a fun way to pass the time, but does anyone else have trouble completing those three-star challenges? I don't think I've ever unlocked one of the special recipes. I have a friend who, I'm convinced, has every one of her facebook friends playing, and she can usually knock one of those three-star challenges in like a day and a half! It's crazy! Does anyone have any tips for me?
We don't have any big plans this weekend, other than trying to get Jeb his shots and his neutering scheduled.

I still don't know why neutering a dog is considered humane and declawing a cat isn't. Yes, I know what's involved in declawing, and it doesn't sound any more horrific than spaying or neutering.

Anyway, I hope they will let us do it this time. He just got off a full round of antibiotics. He still sneezes every now and again, and he wakes up with "sleepy" in his eyes in the mornings, but so does Achilles. Last time we went and he had some sleepy in his eyes and they wouldn't do it. But like I said, he just got off medication, and his eyes aren't red, inflamed or bothering him - he never scratches them or pays attention to them. So I'm positive it's not an eye infection or anything. But they probably won't believe me.
Speaking of the stupid dogs....

the other day was horrible. Undoubtedly the worst day I've had with them, which is saying something, because they are usually really fun and entertaining.

First, they kept me up most of the night, either with bathroom breaks or just being restless. Not good.

Then I woke up to find they had chewed through the HDMI cable in our room. Like chewed the end off. I know that was Achilles because I found the end in his mouth. So they got to spend some time outside in time-out. (And yes, before you ask, they know they're in time-out. It's pretty obvious.)

Then after they came back inside, I walked into the other room to grab something. I hear a *crash*. They had pulled my purse of the couch and were trying to chew whatever they found inside. Another time-out.

By this point, I was frustrated and sleep-deprived. So I decided to treat myself to some McDonald's. I was gone maybe 10 minutes. In that time, they pulled my notebook off the end table (which they have never done before) and somehow found the two middle pages with all my FRG notes, and shredded them. Big, big time-out.

By lunch time, we were friends again. And that evening, we had fun and played and everything. Then we were going to bed. SoldierMan and I go to brush out teeth. We were gone like 2 minutes. We come back....

And the stinkin' dogs had licked a hole in the wall. Straight down to the sheetrock.

Stupid dogs.
Oh yeah, I'm co-FRG leader. I totally forgot to update y'all with that. That will deserve a longer post in and of itself. But I'm excited, I have a great co-leader and we have a very supporting Company Commander and Battalion Commander. It's going to be an exciting year for the FRG. More on that later.
Other than that, the only other thing going on is that we'll probably see a movie this weekend. Yesterday I got a suh-weet deal on Living Social (through Swagbucks) for a Fandango voucher for 2 movie tickets - for $9!! Did you see that? Two movie tickets - to any movie, any day - for $9!! And bonus: I got over 300 Swagbucks for taking the deal. So, seriously, work the Swagbucks, and work the Living Social.

What's on the agenda for your weekend?


  1. I had no idea it was possible for a dog to lick a hole in the wall. Have fun at the movies, I got the same deal on Living Social yesterday!

  2. I do not play Cafe World but both of my roomies do and they love it. I am a little addicted to Bejeweled Blitz on FB.

    Have fun at the movies!

  3. There's hope for the dogs! My dog was super destructive but he's gotten much better over the months. Just make sure you're walking them enough!

    I want that Swagbucks/Living Social deal! I can't figure out how to make more Swagbucks. :( I want the same GC too!

  4. Does your family need to adopt anyone? LOL...that cruise sounds awesome!

  5. oh my gosh!!! i can't believe that dogs licked a hole through the wall! i didnt even know that was possible. crazy.

  6. Oh man...FRG leader. Ours just got a position higher up in the chain so they're looking for a replacement and I basically hid my face. I can't even imagine filling this lady's shoes...she seemed like an expert. You're a good woman! And I WILL go on a Mediterranean cruise before we leave here. I will!

  7. i signed up for swagbucks a while back, but haven't done anything with it. guess i need to get to it! can't believe those doggies!! but they are such cuties :)

  8. I hope you are having fun being a co-FRG leader and I hope your partner is just as awesome as you! Can't wait to hear all about it.


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