February 21, 2011

TV Tuesday

If you haven't watched this week's Amazing Race, skip this post. Cause that's all this post is about.

Is it just us mice? Okay then.

W.O.W. Have you exhaled since Sunday night??

Can we say heart-stopper?? Okay, I'll be the first to say, my cowboys are not shining right now. However - can you count how many people actually solved that puzzle on their own? I think it was only 3. Out of 11. So honestly, I'm not too disappointed since they basically were the only ones who weren't offered help. That's all I've got to say about that.

And I'm quickly remembering how several of these teams were most definitely NOT on my "favorites" list.


I was SUPER excited to see Gary and Mallory come in 1st!! That made me so happy!

Oh, and because I forgot to mention it last time, if you are new to TAR, be sure and set your DVRs to record up to 2 hours after TAR is scheduled. Between the NBA and MLB, spring is hard on the Sunday evening TV schedule. And if you don't plan ahead, you'll wind up with a recording of Andy Rooney complaining about the price of bread instead of watching your favorite teams race to the pit stop.

Speaking of, who are your favorites this year? How are you liking this season so far?


  1. I was so happy Gary and Mallory came in 1st too! I also like the Cowboys, they were my favorite going into this season.

  2. Well I watched my very first episode of The Amazing Race and I actually liked it! It is too early yet for me to pick a favorite. But there are a few teams that I am leaning towards.

  3. FINALLY got a chance to watch this episode.

    First, I just want to say that I wish I could go to Sydney! How beautiful was it!?

    Excited for Gary and Mallory. Love them. Also love the Globe Trotters and was glad they got help.

    Hoping for the cowboys not to get knocked out of it!


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