February 14, 2011

TV Tuesday

It's finally here!

This coming Sunday is the premier of the new season of Amazing Race!

I am so stinkin' excited, you have no idea! Well, if you've read me for any length of time, you probably do. :) I'm not one for reality TV or game shows, but I just LOVE Amazing Race!!

This season is the latest in the "Unfinished Business" reality show trend. And I am so, so, SO excited for this year! All my favorites are coming back! And, of course, I have my Top 3 already selected. If you can probably tell, I don't put my eggs completely in the "most athletic" basket. Positive energy is equally important to me.

By the way, if you've never watched Amazing Race, this is the season to start! It starts this Sunday on CBS at 8/7c. Set your DVRs today!!

So here are my Top 3 favorites:

I absolutely LOVED Gary and Malory. They were on this last season. I didn't think they were strong contenders at first - middle-aged men and their petite daughters have not fared well in the past. But their (hidden) outdoorsy athleticism and positive attitudes carried them to the final five, until they had navigation issues and lost.

I also fell in love with the Globetrotters when they were on. Obviously, they were athletes, but more than that, they were positive, helpful towards other teams - to a fault. They were knocked out of the Top 3 by making an alliance with a team that didn't return the favor and abandoned them at a Road Block challenge. I look forward to seeing them come back and go far.

And, of course, saving the best for last - my cowboys! I about came out of my skin when I saw they were going to be on again - I DID jump off the couch! :) I am so excited to see them come back and make a strong finish - all the way to #1!! Don't let me down, boys!

If you are tuning in this Sunday, who are you rooting for? Any of your old favorites up there?


  1. While I'm not a huge fan of having revisits (I think one chance is all you should get) I DO love Amazing Race, so I will make an exception and watch this! Now the week just needs to pass...

  2. Alright, alright . . . you talked me into it! I am adding this to my DVR. I have never watched an episode of The Amazing Race but I loved reading your posts last season. So, I might as well join in;)

  3. I'll watch an episode and see the goodness you're speaking of. My mom and dad watch it and swear it's all the rave, but none of my friends have said the same thing until now. :)

  4. Ohmigoodness... I stumbled on your blog today and I just LOVE the Amazing Race!! Seriously! I'm super excited about the new season, though I have no idea how I'm gonna keep up. I am having a baby on Friday and my hubby is still active duty for a few more weeks. Geez, CBS... couldn't you have timed it a little better!?!

  5. EEEEK! I can't wait for Sunday (correction, WE can't wait)! Not surprisingly, my top 3 are exactly the same. It's going to be awesome...but just fyi to all you Amazing Race newbies, check your local listings because if there's any sort of sporting event ahead of the show, sometimes it bumps the show later and that can affect the dvr timing

  6. THE COWBOYS!!!! I LOVE the Amazing Race, and I'm super excited for it to start!

  7. i use to watch the amazing race. i still love it though. mallory was a miss kentucky.way to represent ky :)

  8. I'm rooting for the cowboys! I'd be ok if Gary & Mallory won too but I really want the Cowboys to win:)

  9. I am super excited! I don't have a favorite team as I missed most of the seasons these people were on.


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