February 27, 2011

Movie Monday: Friendly Persuasion

Here's another 31 Days of Oscar movie for you, one of my family's favorites.

Friendly Persuasion

This is a sweet old movie about a family living during the War Between the States. They are just like any other rural family - a mother and father who tend the farm, an oldest son learning his father's trade, a teenage daughter worrying about her looks and whether or not the boy she likes likes her as well, and a young boy constantly getting in scuffles with the livestock.

There's just one thing that makes them unlike their neighbors - they are Quakers. The mother is a Quaker minister and very devout, they go to church on "Firstday," not "Sunday," they speak using "thee" and "thy" rather than "you" and "your," they don't believe in dancing, wearing colors or musical instruments. And they are ardent pacifists.

Trouble comes, though, when the War is brought to their door. And they are left to discover whether their pacifism extends even to refusing to defend their own family.

There's humor, romance and a little wartime action. There's also a lot of sweet family relationships you get to enjoy as we watch a family that loves each other struggle to accept one another's difference convictions.

For example, the daughter falls in love with a soldier, the father secretly buys an organ because he loves music, and the oldest son struggles with his pacifistic convictions while hearing about his community being burned and pillaged by enemy soldiers. All of these are in direct conflict with their religion.

It asks a lot of important questions and also answers them while preserving the integrity of all the people disagreeing.

Another reason I love it is, well, it's just soothing to the soul to see a movie about a family that genuinely loves each other, in spite of their differences. That's hard to find nowadays, it seems.

This is on Netflix and is definitely worth the rental.


  1. I love this movie! I used to watch it all the time when I was younger and pretty much forgot about it until now. It's totally going to the top of my Netflix queue!


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