February 23, 2011

Kind Of An Emergency

So, I'm going to try to be as informative as possible without being too specific.

Sister's Boyfriend is overseas.

R&R is sometime before too long.

He's not coming home, he's going elsewhere.

To places that require visas and a passport.

So he sent his passport home so my family could do the paperwork for him.

They did the necessary steps and, after a couple of months, sent the passport with visas back to him.

It's now lost in the mail. And time is running out.

So please, if you could pray an extra couple of prayers that the mail gets sorted out and the passport gets to him before he leaves.

There's still plenty of time, of course. It literally could arrive any day - tomorrow, even. So would you mind praying that that's what happens? Please?? It's causing quite a bit of stress in my family - not to mention it would louse up his R&R plans royally.


  1. Definitely will pray that it all works out. Passport issues are the worst.

  2. Mail can be the worst. I will be praying it gets there!

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  4. Oh goodness! Prayers for sure!

  5. Oh no! I hope it shows up in time!!! I also hope it doesn't come to this but my fiance got help from the Embassy (I believe) when he was in Iraq so he could get his passport (he didn't even have one!) and he was off to r&r in New Zealand a week later. Keeping my fingers crossed for your sister's boyfriend!

  6. Oh man, I hope it shows up in time. Prayers for sure!

  7. Holding this request in the light.

    And this might be a stupid comment but do you bring a passport when you deploy? Or do you not need a passport to invade a country? haha I guess I had never thought about it. (I was never involved in the packing process with my SO)

  8. Prayers are coming from Ft. Benning :)

  9. Oh my goodness, I hope it all gets worked out!!


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