February 17, 2011

Is it naptime yet?

This has turned into the most boring blog on the block. Sorry about that. Something about this week has had me absolutely brain-dead. It might be the multiple late-night wake-ups to take the puppies outside.

Anyway, there's so much I want to talk about on here but I literally do not have the intellectual stamina to create anything spectacular right now. Instead, I'm going to post a song I really love for you

I'm not going to justify posting this "even though" it's Miley Cyrus. Haters gonna hate no matter what I say, anyway. It's an awesome song and just what I need on a Thursday afternoon.


  1. I just burst into laughter from the "haters gonna hate" line...very true though!

  2. I LOVE Miley!!! She may be a little screwed up, but I like her music :-)

    My blog is suffering the same way...although mine was never as sweet as yours so expectations are lower...I blame February, it's always the worst month of the year!!

  3. I am not gonna lie...I have some Miley Cyrus on my IPod. I like it. However, I don't like her dreamcatcher tattoo.

  4. Hahaha "haters gonna hate", awesome!

  5. I just watched a movie with her in it and I had really low expectations but I was actually pleasantly surprised! and I secretly LOVE party in the USA, especially now that I don't get to party in the USA =)

  6. No hate here! I love me some Miley Cyrus songs!!


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