February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today I am participating in a special Valentine's Day edition of Mil Spouse Blog Swap, in which 14 of us got together and swapped blogs for Valentine's Day! Thanks so much to Wife on the Roller Coaster for organizing this, and Mrs. Muffins for the cute button design! To read the other blogs participating in the swap (including the one I posted to today!!) click the button below.

Today's guest post is from the fabulous Kaylee. Kaylee is a beautiful, strong Marine wife (aren't they all?) with some amazing crafty skillz and two adorable kiddos currently enduring a deployment. So if you're the crafty-type, or the mommy-type, or the milwife-type, or the person-who-likes-to-read-good-writing-type, jump on over and follow her! Below is her post. When I first read it, I thought it was a poem. Now that I've gone through it a couple of times, I guess it wouldn't technically qualify as a 'poem' but it is a really sweet piece of poetic prose. I love reading about what Valentine's Day means to her! I hope you do, too!

It's all in the socks.

Many a holiday, I would come downstairs and find a pair of socks by my place at the table.




St. Patrick's Day.

Valentine's Day.

I had socks for every holiday.

(Ok, ok, minus Thanksgiving and the 4th of July and a few of the other "smaller" holidays.)

And I wore them.

For the entire holiday season.

Not the same pair, mind you.

But if they were clean and it was AROUND the holiday, then you best believe I wore my socks.

It made me feel festive.

I'm not quite sure why my mom bought me socks.

She must have thought they were cute.

And they were.

For a 6-year old.

But there I was - 10, 15, 21 - and still wearing my socks.

Ok, let's be real here...I wore my Valentine's day socks LAST year.

Here I am, almost 25 and STILL wearing my holiday socks.

It makes me feel as if I am at least attempting to celebrate the holiday!

It makes me feel special.

And if no one else sees my socks, then who cares!

At least I feel festive and KNOW that I have my "special" socks on.

Wow. That makes me sound like a complete dweeb!

I have to be honest and say I don't exactly know how I feel about Valentine's day.

I sure have been through my phases:

The elementary school phase of LOVING Valentine's day, because of the mass amounts of sugary goodness that was made available in class parties.

Oh. And of course, the fun cards we got to make and give.

Then there was high school and Valentine's day was just alright.

As one friend mentioned, it was probably a good year if I had a boyfriend and he got me flowers.

THEN I thought Valentine's day was fun and special.

Otherwise, it was the day I sat in class as everybody else around me got those little carnation flowers delivered to them, from their "secret" admirer.

In college, I went through the "I hate Valentine's day" phase.

A group of us girls would hang out, eat mass amounts of candy and watch sappy girly movies.

It was some effort to war against those who had significant others.

Or something.

I was in the "I hate Valentine's day" phase when I met my husband.

I felt like it was a silly day created just so that greeting cards could be sold.

And that it was stupid for only one day to be the "day of love".

In my opinion, every day should be a day of love.

You should always be telling those you love, that you love them.

Why wait for the special day?

Make everyday special.

Hence, I told my then-boyfriend-later-to-be-husband that I wasn't into Valentine's day.

And I thought getting flowers was stupid.

(WHAT?!?! I said that?! Yeah - what was I THINKING?!?!)

Therefore, I've never gotten flowers from him.

I know, I know, again, what was I THINKING?!

And now, I want flowers. I want corny cards. I want my "day of love".

Let all the days be days of love.

But let me have my Valentine's day of love.

I have become a sap.

I don't know if it's the fact that my husband is coming home from a year-long deployment.

And I am just all twitter-pated because he'll be back.

Or if it's the fact that I'm a mama now.

And have mass mama hormones raging through my body.

But the other night, I was watching TV.

And a commercial came on.

Talking about how Valentine's day shouldn't be about 'I love you', but about 'I love us'.

And I got all teary-eyed.

Since when do I cry at a commercial?! Seriously!

I'm not sure how YOU feel about Valentine's day.

But I do know that if you find a pair of socks,

You know the white ones with the red hearts,

Or the black ones with red and white striped hearts,

Or the pink ones with the little heart candies on them,

And put them on, you feel a little more chipper.

There will be an extra spring in your step.

Because through all my like-hate-love phases of Valentine's day, I donned my socks.

And felt festive, whatever my feeling at the time.

Because really, it's all in the socks.


  1. I love this blog post. I am almost 25 and I too wear the "special" socks. Today, mine are black with green, pink, and blue hearts. Too bad I don't have red ones. They have a hole in the from last year. I too went through all these "phases" of loving, hating, and semi liking Valentines Day and wanting to like it more...Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love this!! I have my Valentines Day socks on right now :)

  3. Happy Valentine's day to both hostess and guest!

    Kaylee, I feel vindicated by your love for special socks. This full-grown, married woman is proudly wearing the heart-emblazoned Valentine's socks her husband got for her a couple years ago. ;-)

  4. Oh my gosh, I'm totally stealing the sock idea. I LOVE this post! I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day and just LOVED your post!

  6. What a fun post! I'm wearing my V-day socks as we speak. (I'm not a big fan of V-day, but I'm a kindergarten teacher, and I'm kind of expected to be festive.) And don't be embarrassed about crying from a commercial. I do it all the time! (I cry during American Idol for goodness sakes.) But I know what you mean about the different phases. I never seem to know how I feel about V-day either. Hope you start getting flowers soon!

    Thanks to both of you for joining in on the blog swap. Hope you had as much fun as I did!

  7. Aw, what a sweet post! I love it!! =) I've always done the holiday socks too. In fact, my MIL sent me a pair of VDay socks this year. =) They won't get much wear because I'm in Hawaii, but I still love them!

  8. What a cute post! I think that is adorable that your mom would buy you holiday socks! I was always that kid that wanted holiday socks, but never had them. Not for any reason, I just didn't.

    Can I just tell you that I am so excited thinking about your homecoming! Girl...you have every right to be a sap! You have such a ball of emotion running through you, and for good reason.

    Your hubs homecoming day, will be your Valentine's Day!


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