February 8, 2011

Day 2

So we've now had the weekend with the boys. It's been really fun. They both have such strong personalities, we've enjoyed learning about them.

Sunday we had some people over for the game. I was a little nervous. When we volunteered to host the party, we didn't know we'd have two not-housebroken puppies. And we weren't sure how they'd react to new people. Jeb jumped on us when we first met, but hadn't since. We bought a "puppy" gate in case we needed to move them to another room, and the crates they slept in the night before as a last resort.

By the way, a word about crates. Some people told us that crate training would help with house training, because they wouldn't want to pee where they slept. Big fat negatory on that one. They totally peed all over the towels we put at the bottom of the crates. That wasn't exciting.

Anyway, we had nearly a dozen people here, and the boys were super. They didn't beg off of anyone's plates, they didn't jump on or bark at anyone. They were friendly and playful with everyone and just perfect. Other than Achilles having a couple of accidents (which, thankfully, everyone was very understanding about, even though I was very embarrassed) it was smooth sailing and they won everyone over with their cute bombs.

After a good game (SoldierMan was the only Packers fan in attendance) we put the boys in their crates and went to bed. Of course, they cried pretty hard. But after a few minutes, it got quiet. Then we heard pawing and sniffing at our door. *sigh*

They busted out. Apparently Achilles figured out how to get out of his crate, and then let Jeb out. Obviously there was no point putting them back in if they could get out.

So we pulled their beds into our room. We wanted to be sure we could keep an eye on them so they couldn't sneak off in the night to chew or pee. And once we got them set up, they laid down and went to sleep without a peep. They are just very clingy dogs and they missed us. A lot.

When they went to sleep, I prayed that God would send an angel to keep them on their beds so they wouldn't mess all over our room. The Bible talks about animals being able to see and hear angels, so I hoped that maybe there was one to spare to help us. I was very nervous. I think I woke up every time they rolled over.

But morning came - their little internal alarms go off at 7:00 precisely. They were still on their beds and hadn't gone potty all night. We were so happy. Way better than the crates. I really believe an angel helped us last night.

Of course, before we could put our shoes on, we had another accident. :p But that's okay. It's a work in progress.
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  1. I just want to snuggle those pups!!! Glad they behaved outside of their crates. Good luck with the potty training.

  2. Having people over was a great socialization experience for them!!! You're so lucky, you've got 2 wonderful puppies!!

  3. Your puppies are adorable!! Having them socialize early is key!! We didn't get the chance with our first and he HATES when people come around... the other two are just huge lovers though and enjoy company.

    For the crate training, it takes some serious time for sure. If you find they whine a lot or are destructive or potty... try getting dog pheromones , they sell wall plug ins of them at pet stores and online... We've used them for all three of our dogs. Two boxers and a German Shepherd. It really is awesome. It works best if you introduce them to it while they're still young and then it works when they are older if you take long trips or such.

    Congrats on being puppy parents!

  4. Glad they were so well behaved around people!!

  5. Regarding the crates, make sure the crate isn't too big for them. I got a full-size crate for my dog (since he was going to be big), but it came with a "fence" so I could shorten to when he's small. They just need enough room to stand up and turn around, that's all. He never peed in his crate when it was the right size.

    Also, I was getting up every 2-3 hours at first to let him out, since he was a little puppy and couldn't hold his bladder for very long. It was tough but he hardly ever had an accident inside!

  6. Awhhh :) My dog is very clingy and hates to be left alone in a room alone, but he does love his crate and knows what to do when it's time to go.

    Good job to the pups :)

  7. I guess house training dogs is like potty training kids - all of them are different. Jasper has NEVER "messed" in his crate. And we've had him since he was 2 months old. I thought for sure he would, since he'd been in a kennel at the shelter, but he never did... The only time he would ever make a mess when I left was if I left him gated in the bathroom.

  8. Oh my goodness, they are adorable! My husband has been bugging me to get a dog, but I've been holding out because I know I'll be the one to do all the potty training and stuff. But I want a dog sooo badly! I'm jealous. :)


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