February 20, 2011


I think I'm going crazy.

Someone said that Jeb already looked bigger in one of his pictures on facebook. I thought I was going to cry.

I went to a function on-post the other day, and before I was even through the gate, I just wanted to turn around and go home and be with the puppies, I missed them so much.

Then when I left an hour later than I intended to, I wanted to send the boys a text message to let them know I was running late - and then I remembered they didn't have phones. And couldn't read.

I get a little sad every time I hear Jeb's "big boy voice" coming through his bark.

And that he's getting too big to want to sleep on my lap anymore.

I need a baby.


  1. Babies are great but...they grow up too! lol. :)

  2. Oh my, you have got it bad, sister. With all these emotions, is it possible you're pregnant?

  3. Awwh! I know what you mean! Zoe starts crying before I even get out the door some days, and it's all I can do to make myself leave.

    PS - you have an award on my blog!

  4. Aaah! I feel the same way some days! Well, except that Jasper has stopped growing. If I'm away from the house for 5 or more hours, I start to feel REALLY guilty and just want to go home and cuddle with him. It's sooo weird.

    P.S. I, too, want a baby. But they grow up too. *sigh*

  5. Oh boy. Baby fever. Just remember...they grow up too...and turn into a teenager.

  6. Oh honey. I'm sorry. I'll stop the baby talk...that can't help. If it makes you feel better, Murray was a lap dog his whole life. All 90 lbs of him and such a baby. I'm sure Jeb will be the same way. But I understand, they all grow up too fast.

  7. Think how fast babies grow, but I totally get what you mean. If it makes you feel better, my Bear cub is still a lap dog {all 75 pounds of him}

  8. There are some days when my two little ones (approx 10 lbs each) fight for my lap and I would love for them to not... I feel so guilty when I have to get upor move though and they've gotten comfy! My grandma tells me they're the most spoiled dogs she knows. I deny it, but I know it's true. Luckily, they're little breed and won't get bigger. Maybe yours will be like the others though and love your lap no matter what!


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