February 25, 2011

Award Time!

No, not the Oscars.

I've gotten a few blog awards recently and I wanted to be sure I started passing them on. I am horrible about remembering to do this so I'm going to start with this one: the Most Valuable Milspouse award.

The best thing about this one is, there are no "rules." No listing random things or answering questions. You just pass it on to as many or as few millies as you want!

(Just an aside: I think it's funny how we say milspouse. I know there are male milspouses out there, but to date I've only ever encountered milwives on the blogs. So I'm curious if we are overstating the case or if there are any actual milhusbands following me.)

Anyway, I'm passing this along to a few special milies. Of course, not being included on this list does not mean you are not valuable to me. But I really can't drag this out too long, so I narrowed it down to these few.

1. Jessica @ Learning As We Go - Jessica is first on the list because she was my first BB-turned-real-life friend, and my first real Army/milwife friend. She gave me good encouragement since her husband was just ahead of SoldierMan in his training last year, and through what I am convinced is divine providence, we are sharing our first duty station together.

2. Paula Kathlyn @ Remember Me? I'm in the Army Too - Kathlyn was my first friend at Ft. Benning. Thanks to her, we found a wonderful church family in Georgia (Alabama, technically). Plus, I just love her blog. She's the queen of crafty-ness. I wish I had an unlimited supply of mad money so I could buy out her Etsy store!

3. SLM @ Army Dogs - SLM was one of my bosom buddies at Ft. Benning that I feel like I've known my entire life and that I will know my entire life. I pretty much miss being in the same town with her on a daily basis. Whether we were talking movies, politics, Army stupidity, baby fever...whatever...we could sit and talk for hours and not even realize the time had passed.

4. Sarah @ G.I. Joe's Wife - my sistah from anothah mothah. :) A fellow Okie, Sooner fan LOST-ophile and Army wife, she's basking in the beauty of the Hawaiian islands awaiting her soldier's return. She was my football buddy last fall - we watched every OU game together, via text, of course. :) She's even declared me an honorary redhead, and if you know me at all, you know how much that means!

5. Katie @ Ben and Katie - Katie is the only one on this list with whom I have not shared a personal conversation, either in-person or electronically. In fact, I'm basically a lurker on her blog. But I am a devoted reader. Her husband is a Ranger recovering from a near-fatal traffic accident. I've been following her for a few months now and her daily testimony of faith in nightmarish circumstances and unconditional love for her husband is a salve for my all-too-typical Army wife fears. She has no idea who I am, but she has encouraged me both as an Army wife and as a Christian.


  1. i love jessica's blog too! i never got to see her while we were in el paso :( i am now a follwer of paula's blog. thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, thank you! It's been a while since I've seen blog awards going around, but this is definitely my favorite out of any I've received!
    I LOVE the fact that God placed us in each other's lives and love even more that you live 5 minutes down the road from me.

    (Thank you as well Michelle.. so sad we never met before you moved. I'm sure these darn babies had a lot to do with that ;) )

  3. Thank you so much, you are so sweet!! And right back at ya ;-)


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