February 22, 2011

$10 shoes still matter

So, here's some random stuff for you.

The puppies are doing fine. The other night Achilles kept us (me) up most of the night crying. I'm pretty sure he was teething, because after I went back to sleep for the last time, I found a new pair of shoes destroyed. They never go after our shoes, so this was big. He had three different bones in the room, within eyesight, but no, he pulls the shoes down off my shoe chest and chews through them. *sigh* I really hope he gets through this soon. I think we missed most of it with Jeb. And anyway, he may be a little slower on the uptake, but once he's got something, he's very obedient. Achilles is more clever, but he really likes to push the boundaries. Punk kid. ;)

They are very funny, though, besides all that. As part of the housetraining, we would give them treats for going potty outside. And of course, if they both go outside but only one of them potties, they both expect treats. Because they're puppies. And so we would give it to them because we figured it encouraged the good behavior - and the number of accidents dropped dramatically with this new reward system. But it took only a couple of days for the puppies to outsmart us.

They would both ring the bell and go outside, then only one would go potty, then they'd come inside and get their treats. Then, like a minute later, they'd ring the bell again and the other dog would potty, they'd come inside and both get a treat. It took us a while to figure out what they were doing, but they literally coordinated their potty breaks. Honestly, it's so amusing - and since it gets them to go outside - I don't see the point in trying to "correct" it. We were just impressed that they came up with this so fast. Smart puppies! (It was probably Achilles.)

Have I ever mentioned the Boot Campaign to you guys? Basically, some women in Texas started this project to get celebrities to take pictures in combat boots in support of the troops. There's more to it than that, of course. They do fundraising for veterans organizations and things like that. But the boot pics are where they started. This week they added what is my favorite so far:

Oh my gosh, I love Dolly! This gave me the biggest cheesy grin. If you have never heard her song "Welcome Home," go find it and get it. It's so beautiful and makes me cry every time.

And, because this made me laugh for forever, if you aren't one of the 5,000,000 people who have already watched it on youtube, watch this short video below. I thought it was hilarious, but I'm weird like that.


  1. OMG! I am not one of the five million who had seen that video on YouTube, so thanks! It totally made my night. :-)

    Your puppies sounds amazing. I love how animals can outsmart you faster than imaginable. It's wildly entertaining! Glad you're enjoying their puppyhood!

  2. I'm apparently another one of those folks who had never seen it either. The song is what totally makes it. hilarious!

  3. You got some smart dogs there! How funny that they figured out how to get more treats from you. :)

  4. That video is super cute and funny! I once scanned the pics of all the artists that have posed for the boots campaign. pretty cool!

  5. O. Em. Gee. That video was HILARIOUS.

    I just sent the link to my husband overseas because the two of us are also "weird like that." Actually, he and I have an ongoing thing about monkeys. Actually, it's more like I have an unnatural fear of them (thanks, Planet of the Apes) and he finds it funny.

    Thanks for tamping down some of my paranoia with an adorable video of a monkey on a pig.

  6. Oh I love Dolly! I hadn't heard of that campaign!

  7. That video was freaking hilarious!! haha!! Of course all the little kids are like "Ahhhh let me pet it!!!" bahahaha!

  8. I love Dolly too! I had not heard of the Boot Campaign before.


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