January 19, 2011

My Desk

Consider this my first photo of the new house.

Yes, this double-wide rotating chair has become my perch.

(that SlimFast can is SoldierMan's. Not mine. The Coke is mine.)

Part of that is because it's nice and cushy.

Part of it is because we now have a living room which allows us to position it in front of the TV.

Mostly because it's the only piece of furniture in the living room that's near an outlet, and since I do all my work on my laptop, that's pretty important.

I followed the advice of the experts at NaNoWriMo and let my project "rest" for a month before starting on the first drafting process. In college we read a statistic that it takes an average of five drafts for a project (novel) to become publishable quality. So, I've got my crappy first draft, and I'm working on the second.

I don't have a timeline for this phase set. I've already got my base storyline. At this point I'm trying to go in and fill in plot gaps and round out characters.

You guys remember how obsessed I was over LOST. I learned a lot about good writing from that show. The main lesson was this: It doesn't matter how mysterious or dramatic your story is, if there aren't good, solid, round characters - no one is going to care what happens to them. LOST wasn't about the island, it was about the people on the island.

So, now that I have my main story, I'm going back and rounding out my characters. That's my goal for this phase, anyway.

All of that was probably really dull to you. That's fine. I'm Just thinking out loud here.

And yeah, that's twitter on my laptop. When I'm on the computer, it's easier just having it there. The story on the twitter is, I signed up for one a few years ago in the height of election season to follow some of my favorite pundits. This was back when you got all your notifications via text message. In one day, the 2 guys I was following used up something like 75 texts on my plan. It was annoying. So I shut off my twitter...I thought. Apparently I just unfollowed those people, because the other day I got on twitter on a whim and found out I still had an account. And now I'm addicted. Anyway, all that to say, I'm not sure about making my twitter public on here yet, since my tag is my real name. I know, how creative. But I had the twitter first, so...maybe in a while I'll be fine with it, but today, notsomuch.


  1. Mine was my real name too so I changed it to my initials...which is probably no more secure than just having my name on it :)

  2. I agree about well-rounded characters being an important part of any story. Good luck on draft #2!

  3. Ben drinks slim fast too! haha. I love your desk area, looks super super cozy. I really admire that you are writing a "project/novel". I would love to do that one day.

  4. is that post housing? i love the housing there on bliss and was sad we couldn't live there!

  5. So true about Lost - it was the characters and their stories that really drew me in.

    Good luck with the editing process!

  6. That chair is cool! Glad to see you on Twitter :)

  7. When we were shopping for couches last weekend I totally saw a chair just like that. I wanted it so bad! Hubs vetoed it, saying that it wasn't very practical. I said, "is it comfy? Can we cuddle in it?" Then I say it's perfectly practical, haha!

  8. WHat's your Twitter name? Mine is green_seeds


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