January 6, 2011

Harry Potter Actress In Hiding From Violent Islamists

I have to take a break from happy-go-lucky moving and holiday posts to share this with you. I've been itching for internet for weeks for this very post.

You may remember a few weeks back I wrote a review of a movie called "The Stoning of Soraya M." If you didn't see it or don't remember, go back and read it real quick so you have the proper context for this post. It's short.

If you do remember, I mentioned that this exclusively Islamic practice known as Honor Killing was on the rise in the Western World, particularly in Europe. Just a couple of weeks ago, we got another example of the Religion of Hate.

If any of you read the Harry Potter books/watch the movies, you are probably familiar with the character of Padma Patil. If you need a refresher (like I did) she was the one that Ron took to the Yule Ball in the fourth movie, Goblet of Fire. I wouldn't recognize the actress, Afshan Azad, 22, by name, but I did recognize her face and her character.

Yes, Azad is now in hiding, off the radar, because she committed the "sin" of dating a man who wasn't Muslim. Her father and brothers had conspired to kill her - to perform an Honor Killing - simply for dating someone outside of their religion.

Where does Azad live? Not in Iran or Afghanistan. In England. 21st century England.

To quote the article:

Ms. Azad’s father, Abul Azad, 53, and her brother Ashraf, 28, labeled her a “prostitute” when they discovered her secret boyfriend. Her brother beat her and her father threatened to kill her after she refused an arranged marriage with a Muslim man. Ms. Azad escaped her family home by climbing through a bedroom window. She has been in hiding ever since. And I’m afraid that like the Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris and so many others, she will remain in hiding for the rest of her life.

My blood is boiling. This young woman may never be able to have a normal life, as long as any male relatives in her family remain Muslim. But that's only one reason I'm hopping mad.

Here is a beautiful young woman, by all accounts a talented actress in one of the most wildly popular and well-known movie franchises in years, on the run for her life from an abusive home. And where is the entertainment media on this true story made for a movie? A few feature articles in individual international newspapers, but virtual silence in the American media.

I'm sorry, I would think in the entertainment industry, this would be headline news. And it sure would be if it was a girl running from her Christian family. Therefore, it falls to us, the New Media, to spread the word, because Azad is only a single, high-profile case among hundreds of other regular girls and women in the world. And it is our responsibility as women to reach out to Azad and those in the same situation and help them however we can - even if all we can do is speak out on their behalf and condemn these disgusting acts of violence.

Then the Angel of the Lord said to her:
You have conceived and will have a son.
You will name him Ishmael,
for the Lord has heard your [cry of] affliction.
This man will be [like] a wild ass.
His hand will be against everyone,
and everyone's hand will be against him.
~ Genesis 16:11-12

(And in case you didn't already know, Ishamel, son of Abraham, is the patriarch of Islam. Isaac, the son God chose, is one of the patriarchs of Judaism and Christianity, but Islam considers Abraham's older, illegitimate son the one God promised Abraham and the rightful heir to the Promised Land, Israel. For more on this read in the Bible in Genesis, chapters 15-17. That's what God says Ishmael's legacy would be - and his sons sure are fulfilling it.)


  1. Wow. My heart just breaks for her. You're right - the media should be all over this, but because it involves Muslim they won't even touch it. It's sad. I just can't see how a father could kill his own daughter...

    And I will for sure be reading the passage about Ishmael. I'm sure I've come across it before, but now that you've mentioned it I feel like I need to do more reading. Thanks for sharing this. I'll probably be posting it tomorrow too. Something needs to be done about it.

    P.S. I hope you're settling into your new house well! =)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely putting that movie on my must-see list!

  3. Wow! I didn't hear that is happening at all! That's is horrible beyond belief. Posting this on my facebook!

  4. Wow that is absolutely sad.

  5. When I originally read this article, I could not believe it. It is so sad and a shame that there is basically no media coverage.

  6. Thank you for this! and very well said.

  7. WOW!! Gonna share a link to your post and spread the news.

  8. It is absolutely shocking to me that things like this occur. That poor girl. And like other commenters, I hadn't heard about this either. Just shocking.

  9. wow...i had no idea. it's extremely tragic. thanks for sharing this.


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