January 10, 2011

Christmas in Oklahoma

So this is WAY late but here is a tiny synopsis of our Christmas in Oklahoma. ("Tiny" in that it is abbreviated, but there are still quite a few pictures to look at.)

We arrived in Oklahoma late on the 23rd, which was perfect because we got to spend all the of the 24th Christmas shopping. See, since we started packing up and moving early in December, and I knew that's what was going to happen, I just put off Christmas shopping until we left. So anyone we couldn't find things for at Disney we shopped for at home. Worked out great.

We didn't get to put up a Christmas tree, obviously, since we didn't have a place to live over Christmas. So Mom put this in our room (we were staying with my parents). It's our very own Christmas Ficus.

Christmas Eve we did the usual split with part of our time at my Grandma's house and part of our time with SoldierMan's family, and then back to my parents' house to open family presents. I know some people would find that stressful or inconvenient, but I love it. I love the crazy-busyness of holidays and the chance to see all the relatives you don't normally get to throughout the rest of the year (especially now, since we don't live there anymore). I can't imagine Christmas any other way. I know some people, when they get married, like to just "check out" and "have their own Christmas." That is not my style at all.

It was a relatively small group at my Grandma's - only around 30. We usually are pushing 60. We've got 5 generations that come together on that side, so on the rare occasions most of us do get to all be together, it's quite a crowd. I only took a couple of pictures from that little gathering.

If it looks like we're all gathered around the TV, well, that's because we are. One of our family traditions for I-don't-know-how-long is to do a Christmas Carol sing-a-long video before the kids open their presents. (Only the kids get presents at this event. The rest of us are there for the fellowship. I really like that, too. I get to just look forward to seeing and hanging out with my cousins instead of panic over what to buy everybody. It's awesome.)

More happy carolers :)

With my cousin and his wife. They live in Nashville so it was really special to get to see them.

Sadly, those are all the Christmas Eve pictures I took. Like I said, I've been downright awful about taking pictures recently. But I did even worse on Christmas Day. This is the only picture I have from the whole day:

Yes, we are in matching shirts. That's what I brought back for us from Disney. My mom loved it.

Christmas Day we go to my other side of the family's during the day, my Dad's side, and then SoldierMan's family again that evening. It was really fun.

Meanwhile, we got to meet up with some friends while we were in town and hit up some of our favorite restaurants that just don't exist anywhere else...like Ted's. If you are ever in Oklahoma, you MUST go to Ted's. It's amazing. And our Sunday School class had their Christmas/New Year's party during the time we were in town, so we were able to go to that (a happy coincidence!) and that was wonderful, getting to see all our old Oklahoma friends. And of course, no pictures. My bad.

Then we got to New Year's:

Happy New Year juice (sparkling grape juice). A family tradition

My brother doesn't like pictures:

But I got him to take one with me anyway! I'm so excited!

New tradition: New Year's Eve family picture in the mirror.

New Year's Day, our last day in OKC, was also the Fiesta Bowl. Which was very fun to watch in Oklahoma, by the way. :)

Mom made cookies.

My dad built this for my mom years ago. On New Year's, it replaced the gigantic Christmas wreath outside the house as it does every game day in the fall. Fun stuff.

Sadly, the 2nd of January, we had to head south. It was both sad and exciting. We weren't ready to leave Oklahoma, but we were ready to be done living out of suitcases and in our own home once again. We're already working on planning a trip back, hopefully in the summer. I can't wait.


  1. I live in OK! OU football, there isn't anything as great! :)

  2. How fun to be with so much family for Christmas! That's the way it's supposed to be. Your family has so many fun traditions. I love it. The OU football light is awesome. It's always so hard to leave family but so nice to get settled into your own place. Hope everything is coming along for you in Texas!

  3. Minus the OU decor, our family traditions are very similiar! I love that you guys do the sparkling grape juice, we've been doing that FOREVER in my family and I continued it this year by myself. I drank the whole thing since Sean doesn't like it. :)

  4. Looks like a great Christmas and New Year! We also have a sparkling grape juice tradition on New Years!

  5. You guys have the cutest traditions. :)

    Nothing beats being home with family. I am glad you had such a great time. Oh, and I love visiting restaurants that don't exist anywhere else as well. We do that all the time when we're up in Washington State visiting family.

  6. It looks like you had a great holiday season with family!

  7. You took that picture in the mirror?!?! WOW!!!!


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