October 17, 2010

Movie Monday: RED

Guess what? I'm reviewing a movie that's actually in theaters! That just came out! Isn't it exciting??

Saturday night, we went to see a movie, which just happened to be during the time we would normally have dinner, and we were already hungry. We joked on the way there that we hoped the movie would be good enough to keep us from thinking about food all the way through it.

Three words:


You can find a trailer and synopsis yourself, if you need to. But we loved this movie. The concept of a group of pensioners taking on the entire CIA, FBI and Secret Service works so well that you can't help but - there's no other word for it - have fun.

No, it's not for kids. There's lots of action, guns and explosions - all the good stuff. There's also some language; after all, it is an action movie. And there are a couple of F-bombs thrown in for effect. Annoying, but ignorable. And hey, no nudity, which I appreciate. It's always nice to watch an action movie where the females are self-confident enough not to try and get attention by taking their clothes off.

Other than that, it was just a delight. Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Richard Dreyfuss, Julian McMahon....it's like eating a meal with all your favorite dishes. The goodness just keeps on coming. And the best part is, it all revolves around Bruce Willis. *sigh* Gosh, I've missed watching him on the big screen. In a good action movie. He's lost some of his "Moonlighting" playfulness, but the comedic timing is still there. It's just a shame that his epic hand-to-hand fight scene suffered the all-too-common Death By Shaky-Cam. Throughout the entire scene you're screaming "Dolly back! Dolly back!" on the inside. (Or, I was.)

Man, he looks good for a pensioner!

Helen Mirren is amazing, as usual. Pure class, even on a sniper rifle. I want to be her when I grow up. She seemed as natural shooting those big guns as she was donning pearls and a crown for "The Queen." She's incredible. I will see anything she's in.

And everyone else is great, too. John Malcovich, who normally annoys me, was fantastic. He had a sort of crazy-Lee Marvin quality that kept the comedic pace going smoothly without being schtick. Yes, there was some seriously cheesy over-the-top action (at one point, he bats away a grenade with the butt of a gun, and the grenade doesn't explode till it bounces back to the bad guy who threw it. But it was still a cool shot) but it doesn't take you out of the film.

And poor Julian McMahon, who only has a small role at the end. Someone overplucked his beautiful eyebrows. A travesty, I tell you.

And, just to warn you (because I would like to be warned) there is a preview at the beginning for "Fair Game," the Valerie Plame fairy tale. It even has the audacity to say "Based on Real Events," which couldn't be less true if they had made Scooter Libby a Martian. I'll do a post on that soon, because it's a highly ambitious project by Sean Penn that's going to get a lot of traction in the media. And it made me pissy for a few minutes. But the movie was good enough to shake that out of me almost immediately. (Actually, it was probably Bruce Willis :) He makes me happy.)

In short, if you have the chance at all, you should see this movie. Good, fun, mindless action and comedy with fantastic cinematography (excepting the excessive and poorly-timed use of shaky-cam), great dialogue, an incredible ensemble cast and a fun story. We completely forgot we were hungry.


  1. Lol, I love you. =) I really, really wanna see this movie! It looks hilarious in the previews!

    I think it's a tad funny that a preview made you pissy. Sorry. =)

    I take it you have a thing for Bruce Willis?

    And, how much shaky cam are we talking about here? I think we discussed my issues with shaky cam and motion sickness.

  2. I loved RED! :) Just saw it yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. i heart Bruce. I call him Brucie. He's so awesome.

    Anyway, I must see this movie, eventually. We've not been going to the movies as much... money and all that.
    I'm excited to hear this movie was great.

  4. I, also, love Bruce Willis! I cannot wait to see this movie. Sadly, school tends to get in the way of life. ;)

  5. We saw that movie yesterday afternoon.


    I kind of hope they make a sequel.

  6. I really want to see this movie!!! I love Bruce Willis! Actually, I'm kind of obsessed with him. Haha!

  7. Glad to read your review. We rarely see movies in the theater, but over the summer (the last one we saw in theaters, actually) we saw a preview for this and I thought it looked fantastic. I'm glad you gave it a good review. Maybe we'll try to make it out to see it! Otherwise, it'll go on Netflix ASAP. :)

  8. Love it! We wanted to see this so bad :)

  9. I really meant to see this. Thanks for the shout-out, I'll have to get around to it now. AND it's delightful to find someone else who finds John Malkovich annoying. And, of course, Bruce Willis is always awesome. :)


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