October 7, 2010

Fall Foto Contest: Week 1

My fantastic friend Sarah founded the Fall Foto Contest for the month of October!
(do you like all the 'f's I snuck in there?)

Each week bloggers will submit photos of fallish things and every Friday will vote on a winner for the week. There's more to it than that but overall it's pretty simple and looks to be pretty fun! So I'm hopping on the bandwagon to kick this baby off!

My Week 1 entry:

This is fall in Georgia to me. Mostly green with a few rebellious red trees here and there. Back home in Oklahoma, all the trees turn pretty early, and briefly, and then are brown the majority of fall/winter. But for a few short weeks, it's very colorful. Apparently Georgia is populated primarily by evergreens. Or the 80-degree weather confuses the foliage.

Blogger is awful about compressing your photos (though better than facebook). To see the hi-res version, click here.

Click the button below to join in on the fall foto fun!!

Fall Foto Contest


  1. Great pic and nice alliteration!

    Any kind of plant gets a tad bit confused here in GA. We will have at least one more {probably more than that} snap of HOT weather before it decides to stay cool"ish" and everything will try to turn green again.

  2. I love how the little red tree - i'm taking a guess that its a dogwood - it just pops in this photo. Nice job!
    Good luck with the contest!

  3. Ha ha yeah its the same in the Spring time in GA too. A few trees blossom but mostly the evergreens just get fuller. Great photo!

  4. That really is Georgia Fall! Love the lone red-leafed tree. I don't know if I ever commented on your "tag" post, but I really did enjoy reading it and getting to know you a little better. Thanks for tagging me...And I finally got my answers up. I swear I'm constantly behind!


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