October 29, 2010

Boo Humbug

You have no idea how excited I am that October is almost over. And not because it's my birthday tomorrow.

I am not into Halloween. No, I don't think you're going to Hell if you go Trick-or-Treating. (Although really, ladies, some of you need to take a look in a full-length mirror before you go outdoors in that Sexy Cop costume. Just sayin'. You ain't in high school no-more.)

And if you are the type that hands out tracts on Satan's Night, you better be handing out some Milky Ways, too. God loves to give gifts. So should we.

Anyway, beyond all that non-controversy stuff, I just don't get it.

I don't like spiders or cobwebs or candy corn or haunted houses or horror movies or orange and black. I hate going in the stores in September and October and having those annoying motion-sensor dummies that cackle or wail whenever you walk by go off. I am burned out.

I don't really understand why Halloween gets a "season." Other holidays make sense to me. Heck, compared to Halloween, even Labor Day makes sense.

Like, you know how there's always that one house in the neighborhood that spends hundreds of dollars on Halloween decorations and has them up all month...and then puts up one measly strand of white twinkle lights the week of Christmas? Yeah, I don't get that.

I'm a total Scrooge about Halloween. I admit it. And if you love it, that's fine. Knock yourself out and have a ball. But I'm already playing my Christmas music and pretending winter has come.

Maybe my feelings will change when I have little ones I can dress up in Disney princess costumes. And if we have a boy, Tricare will have to pay for the therapy, because I want a Disney princess! (Just kidding, SoldierMan! We'll give him a legit Prince Philip costume. :))

And if you're going to try and talk me into Halloween, well, you're welcome to do that, of course. It's a free country. Just don't expect it to work. And if you're tempted to leave a comment about the "evil-ness" of Halloween....please don't. It really doesn't mean anything sinister or demonic anymore. Not when you've got kids dressing up like angels and cowboys.

There's no real point to this post. I just had to get it off my chest. For other, more insightful, more entertaining posts, head over to Army Dogs for the Milspouse Weekly Roundup by clicking the button below!


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  2. ...Haha this is funny.. and true. Those motion scensor things really bug me also. This year is the first that I haven't even given Halloween a 2nd thought.. probably because I volunteered to work on the 31st so my coworker could go trick or treating with her kids. But I also don't care much for Halloween cause you only get a bunch of candy and not a big delicious dinner that comes with Thanksgiving and Christmas :)

  3. yes the motion scensors are a pain in the rear and yes i am sure it will be different once you have kids. My sister loves candy so she is all for it i just wish i was able to be there with her.

  4. Yeah. I'm over Halloween and have been for a few years. I walked into a store yesterday and they had Christmas stuff up; I was beyond excited!

  5. LOL! Happy Birthday (tomorrow)!

    I love your opinions on Halloween. Don't worry...I'm not going to try and talk you into it.

    Happy Friday!

  6. we have neighbors that have seriously over $500 worth of crap in their yard. blech.
    we never did halloween growing up but my husband's family did so the kids dress up. that part is pretty cute:O)
    but i could really do with out Halloween and just have fun costume parties for the kids. now Thanksgiving, i love. lets just skip to then.

  7. We did not celebrate Halloween growing up, so I have just never been that into it. I actually dressed up for the first time last year and I did not really see what all the fuss was about. But I do love helping my nieces with their costumes and taking them to various fall/halloween activities, when I can!

  8. HAHA @ the therapy comment re: Halloween costumes. That made me giggle.

    I actually love horror movies, but have seen zero of them, because K hates them. Other than that, I could really care less about Halloween.

  9. I used to enjoy it MUCH more than I do now, which is not at all. I'm too much of a scardy cat for the horror movies now. Plus, there are no good scary movies anymore!
    I'm sure I will get more into it when Andrew is older, but for now I'm just decorating for fall.
    People in this town seem to go above and beyond with the Halloween decor.. I'm going to put a note on my door that says "No trick-or-treating here. Please don't ring doorbell - sleeping baby" How's that for scroogish?

  10. ha ha! i'm not big on halloween either. my baby girl is the only reason i care about it this year!

  11. LOL about Cop Girl Uniforms, and LOL about Tricare and therapy =) I am burned out with all the Halloween stuff too! I can't even watch Food Network without the shows focusing on the "holiday" grrrr

  12. Boo Humbug...I love it. And I have myself a princess and a frog this year...hope you get a Disney princess one day :)

  13. Yay for BDays!!! Also, loved your title. Ha ha. I used to love Halloween but ever since being with Mr. Superman, we have never spent one together so now its just another holiday that sucks being alone. Now I sound like a Scrooge.

  14. Spoken like a true OU fan..not liking orange and black that is. :)

    Needless to say I'm a big fan of that color combo.

  15. I hope you're having a wonderful Birthday today!!

  16. Yeah, thanks to working Halloween didn't really happen here!

    PS - You have an award on my blog!


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