September 28, 2010

TV Tuesday is Back!!!

I know you're excited!

First, Chuck.

I am SO glad Chuck is back! I am so excited about this season's story arc. And I'm really looking forward to all the random guest stars they are bringing on. Like last night, they had...the Old Spice Guy! You know, this guy:

I was like, Holy Crap! It's the Old Spice Guy! Cracks me up!

Seriously, if you aren't watching Chuck yet, you should be. I love how they are making Morgan more of a forefront character. Love Morgan! Love them all!

And of course, because I know you love it too....
Amazing Race! Yay!!

I don't know about you, but this year's contestants all seem decidedly mediocre. I've heard some "chatter" on forums that they have deliberately tried to "stack the deck" to raise the odds of an all-female team winning - which has never happened in 16 seasons of the show - by putting on more all-female teams than usual and only having, shall we say, less competition than usual. I can't really argue with that theory. It seems entirely possible. What do you think?

I have no predictions of winability at this point, but I do have some favorites:

I love Team Kentucky! I loved her in the Miss America pageant and I think she's just adorable. I know they don't have great chances - really, they just don't scream "endurance" to me - but I love watching them and I hope they last a while.

I will be the first to admit that Team Shopping Channel did not impress me out of the gate. They seemed like divas. But I have to say, anyone who gets pummeled with a watermelon to the face and gets back up again without crying - I respect that. And no, unlike apparently the rest of the world, I didn't think it was funny. That had "concussion" written all over it. If they can keep that attitude and learn to do more than Power Walk, they can make it to the finale.

And, of course, Team Adoption. I cried when they were telling their story: how she gave her daughter away at birth and this is only the 3rd time they have been face-to-face. Yeah, they don't seem like a powerhouse team by any means, but that's not why I like them. They really tugged at my heartstrings and I'll be rooting for them as long as they last.

So that's it. Those are my favorites. Who did you like?


  1. I love Chuck! Unfortunately, the new eps are sitting in my DVR. I have class on Monday nights and I have not had time to watch them yet.

  2. I liked the Doctor ladies, the mother/daughter ones with the adoption story and one other group I can't KY is cool too.

    I did not like the guys who were just kinda jerky. I think there were 2 teams were the boyfriend just seemed like a jerk.

  3. Gosh, you make me really want to see Chuck!! I watch waaaaay too much TV already hahahaha

  4. The birth mom and daughter team is ah-mazing! I really want to be on the day, when I find a partner that can put up with me I'm so applying!

  5. I love the Kentucky team too!! They are too cute :) Also, I think the 'newly' dating couple are pretty entertaining.. I doubt I'll be pulling for them, but it was funny to watch them argue.. haha!

  6. I use to watch Chuck but haven't for awhile! I need to catch up!

  7. I looooveee Chuck and I'm so excited for this season! I had no clue that was the Old Spice Guy, though I did recognize him!

  8. Haha I love the Old Spice guy...I crack up everytime I see a commercial.


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