September 21, 2010


Yeah, how's that for a creative title?

There's so much I want to talk about today, but I don't really have time. However, I didn't want to leave you with nothing, so here's a story.

Yesterday, SoldierMan and I went to look at cars. Or, well, a car. (More on that later) Anyway, we follow the directions to a local dealer and it takes us to this small lot that's tucked away off any main street in town. This didn't phase me too much - that's the kind of place my parents took my to look for my first car - but I was surprised they had what we were looking for.

Anyway, we park and go look at the car. A salesguy eventually walks out of the main building and says, "Hey, do you want a price comparison sheet?" And SoldierMan says, "No, we just came to see this car." Salesguy says, "Oh okay."

SoldierMan: "Can we drive it?"

Salesguy "Sure, can I see your license and military ID?"

SoldierMan hands them to him. Salesguy goes inside and copies them. He brings us back the key.

Salesguy: "Here you go." And he turns around to leave.

SoldierMan: "Uh, do you care where we drive it?"

Salesguy: "Nah, anywhere around here is fine."

SoldierMan: "Uh, okay, how long...?"

Salesguy: "Just be back by tonight. Enjoy."

I love the South.


  1. Haha thats too funny! We went to a few crazyyyy car places in that town : )

  2. Good ole southern hospitality;)

  3. The last few cars we test drove had the sales guy with us. I can't remember the last time I drove a car off a sales lot alone.
    Too fun!!

  4. Haha. Vegas is like that too, I had a salesguy let me keep a car for 3 days lol.

  5. Haha! Gotta love the South! =)

  6. That's awesome! We didn't get to test drive our car here at all!

  7. yep, that sounds about right ;)
    gotta love the southern hospitality

  8. Bahaha only in the South would that happen. Yikes! I hope you find a car soon. :)

  9. Ha ha I love it. Yes, the south does have a certain amount know I don't even know the right word to put there. It's just awesome.


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