September 29, 2010

The Tag Game

I am so behind on this stuff! I keep getting tagged for things and then forgetting to pass them on. I'm sorry!! I don't mean to ignore you, at all. I just get busy at all the wrong times!

This particular one I've gotten twice now and need to just buckle down and answer it! Sorry it's taken me so long, but it's fairly simple. I answer the questions of the person who tagged me, and then create more questions and tag 8 other people to answer my questions. Easy, no?

From Sarah:

1. What is your favorite sport? What's your favorite team in that sport?

Oh Sarah. You can't fool me. :) I know you wrote this question with me in mind! I love, love, love football! College football, that is. I have a whole rant saved up about the ridiculousness of the NFL. Seriously, soap opera drama for men. But I digress...and if any of you know me at all, you know I love the Sooners!!
2. What's your favorite color to wear?

Red. Hands down. Also green, but mostly red.

3. What do you spend most of your free time doing?

Oh, this is embarrassing. I'm pretty much on the computer all the time. Yes, I'm an addict. But what can I do? It's where my friends live! ;)

4. If you could spend one hour with one person - past or present -
who would it be and why?

YOU, Sarah! We so need to hang out sometime!

5. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you "grew up?"

I think it changed every week. For a while I wanted to be a performer, I wanted to be a psychologist, I wanted to be President, I wanted to pretty much everything but a lawyer. I have never wanted to be a lawyer.

6. What is one place that you've always wanted to visit but haven't been able to yet?


7. Name one movie you could watch over and over and over again and never get tired of.

Ooooh.....just one?? I guess the best answer right now is The Magnificent Seven. I have literally watched that movie I think 6 times in a 24 hour period before. Love, love, love that movie. But there's really a long list of movies I could watch forever that maybe I'll get to one day.

8. What does your dream house look like? You can post a picture or "paint" a picture with words. =)

I don't really have a "dream house," but whatever it looks like, it would be in Oklahoma! :)

From Rachel:

1. If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be and why?

I'd like to say I'd be something fun and prissy like a nice tall stiletto, but that would be a lie. I would actually probably be a flip-flop or some kind of deck shoe. I'm all about comfort and ease, and I have horrible feet with crazy-high arches. But inside I'm secretly dying to be a stiletto. I just don't have the energy ;)

2. What talent do you wish you had? Would you pursue learning or brushing up on that talent now?

I would love to be more gifted aesthetically, like interior design. I seriously need help.

3. What is your favorite/best childhood memory?

I have so many great family memories. I love Christmas, and when we were kids my holidays were filled with family. We would spend Christmas Eve with my mom's family, and all 75 or so of us would cram into my grandparents' little 800 sq. ft. house and sing Christmas carols and watch the little ones open presents and eat and it was just a blast. Christmas Day was spent with my dad's family, which was smaller but went all day and there was lots of food and games (and naps! :) We're napping people). I love Christmas!

4. What is your favorite song? What lyrics strike you the most?

It depends on my mood, really. But as far as like, "striking lyrics," I guess it would be this anthem we wold sing at church back home - "In Christ Alone" (not the pop version, which I also like). The whole song, really, but here's an excerpt:

No guilt in life, no fear in death/This is the power of Christ in me/From a life's first cry to final breath/Jesus commands my destiny//No power of hell, no scheme of man/Could ever pluck me from His hand/?Til He returns or calls me home/Here in the power of Christ I stand

(the portion I excerpted is at the end. it's worth the wait.)

Ahhhh. Just listen and rest in that a while.

5. If you could go back in any period of time before you were born, where would you go, what would you do?

I would love to go back and visit the Antebellum time here in the South. There was such a beauty and dignity and grace that time period exudes.

6. Who is your role model?

Align Center
There are so many things about so many people I would love to emulate. But I guess my parents would be first. Among other things, my dad has always been willing to get in and "fight the good fight," even if the fight is a losing one, or if no one will ever know he did, just because it's the right thing to do. And my mom has such a big heart, she just loves loving on people. I love my parents.

7. Pick a scar. Tell us it's story.

I LOVE talking about my scars! But it's too long to put in here, and I've already written the story. Please hop over here and read it: God Gave Me Scars

8. If you had no computer, tv, or phone for a whole day (YIKES!) what would you do with yourself?

Um, go crazy??? :) I have a problem. I LOVE technology. But I guess I'd be able to actually get some stuff done around here....but geez, I don't work too quickly without music. I guess I'd read a lot!

Okay, now I make up 8 questions and tag 8 people.

My Questions:

1. When someone tells you to "go to your happy place," where do you go?
2. You're in a room with a stranger - who will certainly die tomorrow. What do you say to them?
3. What one TV show would you like to be on (reality or fiction)?
4. How many facebook friends do you have?
5. What did you have for dinner last night?
6. Describe yourself in 200 words or less.
7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
8. What is the thing that, when it happens, you think, "Today is going to be a good day"?

I tag:

And there you go!! Hope you all enjoy!! :)


  1. I'm addicted to the computer too! It's the only way to keep in contact with everyone. Plus, there's always something new to peruse.

  2. Thanks for tagging me :) I will definitely work on this. It comes at a good time, because I'm seriously lacking in things to post about.
    I love the computer too. I'm a google geek. I wish I knew more about what I'm doing on the computer. I might be dangerous:)

  3. Ooo Good questions!! And good answers! I love reading people's surveys :) Thanks for playin along :)

  4. I would love love love to be back in the antebellum South too!

  5. Thanks for the tag! I will try and get it up soon. I'm not promising to be as interesting to read about as you are though :)

  6. London is great! If you end up going take a 1000 pictures because trust me you'll want to relive it all!


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