September 25, 2010

Craft for a (Great!) Cause

I am not a "crafty" person myself, as any of you who have been around here very long know. (I tried scrapbooking the other day, got all my stuff laid out, and only then realized I had lost not one but BOTH of my tape runners. I don't do this often.)

However, I know that many of you are the crafty type, from sewing and hot-gluing to painting and modge-podging, I love following your crafty adventures.

Now I'm giving you the chance to use your crafty skills to help out a fellow BB.

Honey Bee over at Sweeter than Honey is having a fall craft sale. The proceeds from the sale will help fund their adoption. How cool is that??

Here's the super-cool part! YOU can help them! How?

You can donate your own fallish crafty items for the sale, and you can spread the word to your other crafty friends.

For more information, go to Sweeter Than Honey.


  1. What a great idea! Unfortunately, I am the least crafty person on the planet. But I'll help spread the word.

    Didn't see you on the mil spouse roundup this week. Are you too cool for us? LOL ;)


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