August 22, 2010

Sunday much better. :) Went to church this morning and it was exactly what I needed. Plus, I was able to take a nice long after-church nap without any interference ;) (Just a joke, he's always very understanding of my need for an after-church nap.)

So now I'm sitting here, drinking a yummy frappe, listening to the sudden storm outside and gearing up for some gaming. Not much to report.

Today, then, I'd like to redirect you to my guest post from last week. C'mon guys, you know the drill! Go show Honey Bee some good ol' BB love. I know you'll love her post as much as I did!


  1. Glad you are doing better today! Church & naps do wonders :) A Frappe sounds so yummy right now!

  2. Oh man I did the same thing! Church and a nap...VERY much needed!


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