August 13, 2010


Remember - still need to hit 30 blogger entrants for my giveaway! We're SOOO close! Keep referring your friends!! And if you haven't yet entered yourself, well, what are you waiting for????

In other news.....
Kickoff is in 3 weeks!!


  1. yay for givaways....and football :) my hubs and i are going to a NFL game tomorrow...preseason with the Seahawks...but should be fun even tho we know the Hawks are going to get badly beaten....

  2. BOOMER SOONER!!!!!! =D I can't wait!!! Even though I may not be able to see the kick off game...or very many other games... I'm still a sooner fan! =)

  3. Amen sister.. I cannot wait!
    I hear your team is supposed to do pretty good this year :) I can be happy about that since they're not in the SEC... we can still be friends


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