August 25, 2010

Crunch Day

SoldierMan finally comes home tomorrow! Which means today is the day I have to get done everything I haven't gotten done since he left...which is a surprisingly lot of stuff to do. I was supposed to be more productive with my time while he was gone - I had this whole list: complete the first 6 months of 2009 scrapbook, clean and organize the spare room, among other things. I still haven't even finished the laundry, let alone those other big projects.

Thankfully I got a decent night's sleep last night. I haven't slept very well this time around for some reason. I haven't been comfortable with him gone. I think it's hormones, but whatever. Anyway, last night I couldn't sleep. I was just dozing until about 4:00 in the morning...just laying there with my eyes closed, not getting any rest. Then I started thinking about how, on Sunday, our Sunday School class was talking about praying promises from Scripture. And I thought, there's no promise about sleep. But then I remembered there was. It's in Psalms, "You have put more joy in my heart than when their grain and new wine abound. I will both lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, Lord, make me to live in safety." And I prayed that verse a few times over, and I was out like a light! I just got up, and it's 11:00. Now, I was still up way too late, so I have a sty in one of my eyes, but I'll take it. I finally feel like I can at least get done what I have to get done today.

Which is actually quite a bit. I don't want to list it all here (because, honestly, I don't want SoldierMan to be able to see how much I DIDN'T get done while he was gone! :)) but I'll be busy today, which is good. Hopefully that means I'll tire myself out and be able to sleep well tonight. Big day tomorrow!

Actually, now that I think of it, when he comes home tomorrow, he'll probably want to nap himself. So maybe this will all work out in my favor.

Well, all that to say, I'm going to try and spend as little time on the computer today as possible (except for actual revenue-gaining work). So I will do my level-best to read and catch up with all your great posts tonight after I, presumably, have completed all my tasks.

And I'm still thinking about last night's dream. I was flying. I could fly. It was awesome. I mean, there was more to it than that, an actual story, but I have never had a dream like that before, where I actually felt the freedom of flying. You know how, when you dream, you can actually feel and taste and smell whatever is in your dream (that's not just me, right?) Anyway, I really felt the breeze as I flew, and my feet leaving the ground, and my bag's weight shifting when I dipped and pitched. It was so cool. It's funny, because my big phobia is falling. Not heights, falling. I usually have dreams (nightmares, really) that involve falling. But this time I was flying. I guess, if there was an opposite of falling, it would be flying. "Everyone deserves a chance to fly!"

***This was a 10-minute pseudo-free-write exercise. I say, pseudo-free-write because in a real free-write you aren't supposed to use your backspace key or fix typos. I couldn't put you through that :) I make lots of typos. But I wrote this in 10 minutes, from start to finish, no breaks, no planning, no organization. Just to see if I still could.


  1. that's my "go to" verse for sleep! i would repeat it over and over again each night while jon was deployed until i fell asleep. or when i would wake up in the middle of the night, or freaked out by weird noises.

  2. I'm so glad he gets home tomorrow!! Have fun today and good luck getting stuff done! I love when I have dreams where I can fly, they're incredible.

  3. yay for the hubby coming home tomorrow =)

  4. I am SO the same way..."Oh I'll get so much done while he's gone..." and now he's coming home tomorrow and there are plenty of projects still on the to do list. Ah well...good luck with getting it all done! Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow at the reception.

  5. Good luck with getting everything done!!

    btw I tagged you

  6. Yay that he's coming home!!! Man, I wish I could fly =)
    I have something for you over at my blog!!

  7. Yay! That's great that he's going to be home tomorrow!

  8. I'm so glad that he gets home tomorrow! I bet you are super excited!

  9. Isn't today so much better?! All of my posts are pseudo-free-written lol is that bad??


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