July 22, 2010


What a day already! (And SoldierMan isn't even home yet!)

This morning we had a baby shower for one of our wonderful IBOLC ladies. But wait, I need to back up first....

When I told SoldierMan last week that we were having the baby shower here, he said, "Well, I guess now we'll HAVE to put the pictures up!" (He wasn't saying that like, "Ugh, I don't want to do it." He was saying it because he was glad we now had a deadline for getting the house decorated. We just had let it get away from us.) So over the weekend we put up pictures. Which left a bunch of scuff marks on the walls. (Our apartment has flat eggshell finish paint that scuffs from the trash can, it's so annoying!)

Maybe they don't show up too well on there, but they were covering this wall:

Anyway, being used to it by now, I just pulled out the old Magic Eraser

ignore my fat hands

And scrubbed them off. No biggie.

Then I went to do a spot in the living room.

And I rubbed a hole in the wall.

Up close:
Yup, right down to the drywall. It still isn't fixed yet. But I don't think anyone noticed.

Anyway, so we had the baby shower here. We had fun games and great food and watched O opened her presents.

She has the sweetest smile! I know she'll be an awesome mama!

That was my whole morning and afternoon, and it was a blast! I haven't had that much fun "girl time" in a while. :) It's nice to be around ladies who are both fun and mature at the same time (a hard combination to find, for me anyway). The shower was supposed to go from 10:00-12:00...and I think the party finally broke up around 2:00. :) The time just flew! I didn't think I'd really care about plugging in and making friends here for just one class, but I am really going to miss these girls when we leave (whenever that is, wherever we are going!)

It's not obvious, but I'm by nature introverted. I love being around people, for a while. And I LOVED having everyone over. But after they left, I just camped out on the couch and enjoyed the silence. I need the alone time after group events to sort of reset myself. If you are also intro, you know what I mean. And thankfully, one of the other hostesses left her veggie tray. I could feel my blood sugar climbing from eating so many sweets on an empty stomach (just coffee for breakfast today) so I've been sitting here nomming on carrots and cherry tomatoes. And I'll probably attack the leftover spinach dip in the fridge tonight. Yum!

After everyone left, I went out to get the mail and got a fantastic surprise! My giveaway prize from Sarah got here (all the way from Hawaii in less than a week???? Amazing!)

How cool is that? A tote, a calendar, a sweet postcard and a nut lei I can wear with just about anything! I love it!

So all in all, it's been a fabulous, fantastic day. :) I'm ready for SoldierMan to come home so we can veg out on the couch, watch some NCIS and eat leftover shower cake and spinach dip. :)

Thanks to everyone who came/helped with the shower this morning! It was wonderful to hang out and get to know you all even more!


  1. Thanks for having us over!! I had a blast!! As for the mature thing...not me!! LOL

  2. I can't believe it got there so quickly either! Yay for Priority Mail! =D So glad you like it, too.

    I know exactly what you mean about finding mature friends... It can be difficult, for sure. Glad you're making new friends!

  3. Aww that sounds like a fun time!

  4. Sounds great! Our paint does the exact same thing... *rolling eyes* Glad you found some ladies like that... and what an awesome surprise from Hawaii =)

  5. How fun to host a shower :) I bet it was great!

  6. Ya'll and you blogs...You making me feel old lol It looked like a wonderful morning and I'm sorry I missed it. We all should have a good 'ole girls night :)
    A. Intile

  7. I used to ask matt to send someone over to touch up the paint!

  8. I always thought about trying the Magic Eraser.

    Cool package!

  9. I think we must have the same walls. Ugh! I have definitely wiped some paint off with the magic eraser too... Oops!

  10. Lol we have lived here for 7 months and still haven't hung up any pictures haha.

  11. It looks like the shower was a fun time! I can't believe that made a hole in the wall, crazy!

  12. that lei is gorgeous! makes me wish I was heading to Hawaii this weekend

  13. Glad the party was such a success! And I'm an introvert, too, so I know exactly what you mean :)

  14. What a fun day!! It is great getting to know new people and establish relationships. Not so great when you have to say goodbye!! :-(

  15. Glad you are making new friends! I know exactly what you mean about being an introvert. I am throwing my sister a baby shower in couple of months and I joke around with her and tell her that I am just going to get everything set up and then come back after the party is over to clean up!!

  16. I'm naturally an introvert also, I completely understand the "reset" thing.

    Hard to find the time to reset when one has 3 kids and a social butterfly for a husband... :)

  17. How fun! I'm totally in love with the nut lei!


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