July 13, 2010

Vaio My!

"Your laptop sucks."

I'd heard it every day for weeks...every time we got together to play games on our respective computers, or when I was working in Lightroom and it took 30 seconds to export a single picture...SoldierMan would declare my laptop archaic. I had come to ignore it. I'm a little sensitve about this thorn in my side, my crappy Toshiba Satellite. I know I complained about it almost daily, but that was me, you know, I'm allowed.

Anyway, Saturday we're doing something...probably waiting for my laptop to start up...and again I hear, "Your laptop sucks. Want a new laptop?" And I said something like, "What would you do if I said yes?" Because he does this all the time. "Want a new car? Want a new laptop? Want a new this?" because he likes to shop but knows I'll say no.

Anyway, somehow 10 minutes later, we were on our way to Best Buy. And an hour or so later, came home with this beauty.

I keep telling myself that it was an almost-necessary expense, that I live and work off my laptop and my old one was slowing dying on me, that it's worth the insane amount of money for this laptop that's like 10x nicer than my old one. Still, I was having trouble over the next couple of days choking down such a significant purchase when my old laptop is still, essentially, "fine." Or at least somewhat functional.

Then I used Lightroom this morning. It took half a second to export a photo.

I'm in love.

Plus, the keyboard lights up:
Pretty sweet.

It's still taking some getting used to. I hate how PCs have spec and product advertising stickers all over them (there you go, the only thing I like better about Macs) and SoldierMan doesn't like me taking those off for some reason. The stickers are crooked!! I can't stand that!! And some of the keys are in a different place than on my old keyboard. But I am growing to love it a little more each day. It's amazing.
Thanks for your prayers for SoldierMan's stepdad. He has made remarkable leaps and bounds over the last few days. I don't get a whole lot of details so I can't give you many, but I know that today he is supposed to be moved out of ICU and into a regular room, so that's progress. Other than his physical recovery, the other concern is that this may likely force him into an early retirement, so please be in prayer about that as well. But we are already seeing prayer working in his life, and we are all so thankful for everyone who has joined us in praying for him.
Last night I taped the pilot to a new show on TNT, "Rizzoli and Isles."

I know, rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it? /sarc

When I saw it had Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, and Lee Thompson Young (among others) I knew I HAD to turn in! All my favorites!

Basically it's another crime drama (obviously, is there anything else on TNT anymore?) but with a female cop and female medical examiner as the Rizzoli and Isles characters. So, this morning, while I was eating my power breakfast, I watched the pilot.

The acting was as fantastic as I expected. There was even a surprise guest star - the fabulous Billy Burke. The cast is amazing.

And I probably won't watch again.

Sorry if this spoils it for you, but the bad guy, the serial killer - is a soldier. A Green Beret.

Okay, I know, maybe I'm being overly-defensive. But they even had to include a conversation that goes, "So we train these guys to be the best killers in the world, and we're supposed to be surprised that they kill people?" I expected better from Angie Harmon.

Way to go, TNT. Way to immediately pull the easy "soldier=killer" cheap shot. That's just lazy writing.

I will see how next week goes. But this left a real bad taste in my mouth. I don't expect to continue.

I need some NCIS. Even if it's Navy ;) at least it's respectful.

Don't forget to add a question to my Q&A post from yesterday. I've already gotten a few fantastic ones, so keep 'em coming!


  1. I need a new laptop so bad. My morning has been starting with a cup of coffee and restarting my computer ATLEAST 5 times.

    I wanted to watch that show, totally forgot it was on...and now I might permanently forget!

  2. Okay so I had been wanting to watch that show but now I am not. How terrible!

    Yay for new laptops! How fabulous :)

  3. Congrats on the new laptop! My husband and I got a new one not too long ago (we debated about whether to get it), and it was worth every penny!

  4. Nice laptop! Very exciting!

    Boo for those writers choosing to make a solder the "bad guy." Not cool.

  5. Yay for new laptops even if it isnt a mac ;)... What can I say I am a wannabe Machead.

    Sux about that show. It is sad when shows give a bad name to soldiers... that is wrong. I use to be super obsessed with the Unit... Not really the same thing at all but still I liked it a lot


  6. I have a Vaio and I love it! I really need to get a new laptop because mine is slowly dying but I just do not want to give it up. When I finally do break down and buy a new one it will most likely be another Vaio!

  7. I was wondering when that show was going to start. I guess I missed it. Boo!

    That's awesome that you got a new laptop!

  8. Isn't it fabulous to not have to WAIT for things to load?? I'm about to have to downgrade on internet connections (not computers thank God), and I am not happy about it. I will dearly miss my lightening fast internet. Props for hanging in there with the old/slow laptop for as long as you did!

    It makes me sad that Rizzoli & Isles portrays soldiers in a negative light.. to me, that could have been a tiny bit more forgivable in a time of peace for this country, but right now, with our military being pushed to its limits, it's downright insulting.

    NCIS is my love!

  9. Ooooh, nice laptop! I seriously considered a Vaio, but couldn't accept the cost (they are really expensive here by comparison to most everything else). And I am in love with my Dell - especially the backlit keyboard. Coolest feature EVER!
    Enjoy your new toy!

  10. I have been looking at new laptops too, but trying to put it off a little longer. IT is so funny how fast laptops become "old"

    I didnt know you were at Benning too :) Are you on post?

  11. I don't need a new laptop, but I do look forward to getting one I can game on. (Yes I am a nerd) I do love my mac, but all my games are PC, and I don't feel like rebuying them in Mac form.

    And ugh about the soldier = killer thing. That's such crap. Yes there are some crazy soldiers. But there are a lot more crazy civilians out there, seeing as how the military makes up only a small percentage of our population.


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