July 6, 2010

Fabulous Fourth!

This may have been the most un-traditional Fourth of July we've ever spent together. :) But we had a blast.
This is pretty much me in a picture.

Normally the Fourth involves hanging out with my dad's family all day...then finding someplace to watch fireworks that evening...then going back to my parents' house and shooting off our own fireworks illegally....you know, in honor of American Independence ;)

This year, of course, we aren't in "Okla-home-a" so we had to figure out something to do ourselves. As you know, we decided to go to Atlanta.

I'm not really sure what these signs were telling us NOT to do...they were all over this residential area we drove through.

Friday was a nice low-key day here at the apartment. We didn't have to be in Atlanta until that evening, so we just hung out here until we really HAD to leave. I am happy to report that every BP station we passed en route was filled with patrons. Don't boycott BP stations. They are franchises, most family-operated businesses. It doesn't hurt BP, it hurts the local communty when you boycott a gas station. Sorry, PSA over. :)

When we got to Atlanta we checked into our hotel. We decided to live large and stayed at a 5-star.
It was pretty impressive - except that, you may know, they figure anyone willing to stay there won't mind being nickled-and-dimed, so we had to pay for parking, would've had to pay for internet (but didn't, even though we both brought our laptops - what can I say, we're addicts?) and all that kind of stuff. Still, the room was very pretty and cushy. And you had those complimentary robes, which I loved. I need a robe.

One of the weird things I noticed about the hotel and several other places we went in Atlanta - they had "fuel efficient vehicle" parking spaces - that were closer to entrances than the handicapped parking spaces! Priorities, people!!

Friday night we went to Phantom at the Fox Theater. It was the official touring company - but you'd never know it. We were shocked at the poor performances that night. It was a shame. I don't know why the apparent prerequisite for casting Christine is that the actress has to be a Sarah Brightman-wannabe. I can't stand Sarah Brightman. But even still, the music is impossible to ruin - proved by the fact that I still bawled through "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" and even cried a little during the closing number (with the three of them). Seriously, best. score. ever. But we listened to the movie soundtrack on the way home to sort of purge our minds. :)

Unfortunately, it was such a crazy evening that I didn't get the chance to take a picture of us. :( Boo.

Saturday we went to the World of Coca-Cola for the afternoon.

The building.

This was in one of the exhibits.
Anyone want to make a reproduction for my dining room???

Going into the 4-D movie.

It was pretty cool, actually. We didn't really know what to expect, but it was quite interactive. One of the exhibits we really hoped to see was closed, but it was still neat. Plus, they had the famous "Taste the World" area where you sample Coke products from around the world...and there were some interesting ones, to say the least. I had no idea there were so many berry-flavored Coke drinks! And the gift shop - which I really wish I had taken a picture of - was amazing! Seriously, anything you could ever want, Coke-themed. I had to breeze through there pretty quickly or I would have gone CRAZY! As it was, I still picked up most of what I passed by. :)

That night we went to Medieval Times for dinner.
Which was okay. I really think it needs to be a group or party event, not just a "date." But still, it was good to do - once. :)

Afterwards, it was still fairly early in the evening, so we decided to stay overnight and see a movie and drive back the next afternoon. We saw Eclipse, and I was right. I enjoyed it much more with SoldierMan. :) We just have the same reactions to things and it was nice to share that with him.

By the time we got back to the hotel and settled in, it was technically the 4th of July - 12:04 a.m. I remember because I got on my phone to check facebook. (Like I said, we're addicts). I learned from several people's posts that a kid I grew up in church with had died just a couple days earlier in Iraq. He wasn't a "kid," of course. He was 22. But it's hard not to think of someone as a "kid" when the last time you saw them they were 14. I'm still sort of in shock. Even after his family moved out of state, he and his older sister's pictures were on the church's bulletin board of deployed soldiers (and airmen and marines). In fact, apparently the last time he was deployed, so was she, to the same base, even though they were in different units. I don't know where she is now. Of course, the good news is, I do know where he is.

Sunday, the 4th, we came back home after lazying around the hotel. We thought we would be back in time to see the Ft. Benning festivities - but we were wrong. They had their celebration on the 3rd - I guess because they didn't want to do it on a Sunday? Anyway, we were bummed, but from what I hear it was a madhouse, so we weren't too sad we missed that!

The nice thing about Georgia is, unlike Oklahoma which has very strict laws on personal fireworks (pretty much you just aren't allowed to - dry summers and high winds make for an alleged major fire hazard...but like I said, we shoot them off anyway :)) - Georgia apparently has no restrictions on fireworks. Like, they sold mortars in Walmart! You can't even get sparklers in Walmart in Oklahoma! So we were able to see people shooting off fireworks from our windows, and that was nice.

We stayed up late, I made spaghetti and we played games and watched TV. It was low-key, but fun.

Us on the Fourth, representin'

Monday we fought against the slow return to reality as much as possible. Last night, we both had a hard time going to bed, as though not falling asleep meant today would never come. It's another field week. But, today came and he's gone again. So now begins the countdown to the weekend!

Now that I'm back home, I've got to catch up on work, laundry and dishes....AND your posts. I'll do my best to hit everyone up, I promise!!


  1. "I don't know why the apparent prerequisite for casting Christine is that the actress has to be a Sarah Brightman-wannabe. I can't stand Sarah Brightman."

    I knew we were BB's for a reason. I couldn't agree more. I don't know why people think she's so fantastic. She totally distorts her vowels and that drives me crazy. I don't even think her tone is that great. But...I am kind of a musical theater snob...

    On another note, we went to the World of Coca Cola when we were stationed at Ft. Jackson and I was pregnant with Lucas. I had to sit behind everybody for the 4-D movie, and I missed out on all the cool movement and stuff. :P We have funny pictures of me, alone, in the back row pouting.

  2. Oooo, I guess I haven't been to your blog since you remodeled it - it looks great!

    I was wondering where you stayed in ATL and if you ate at any good places. My hubby and I are heading up to North Georgia for a few days and may stay in ATL for a night.

    Looks like you had a really great time!

  3. Sounds like a really great, fun-filled weekend! The photos are great!

    It's sad to hear about the loss of the soldier you knew, it's never easy to hear that news.

  4. Glad you had a great weekend! The World of Coke is one of my favorite places in Atlanta! GA used to be the same way about fireworks but they just changed the law a few years ago. So now we can legally shoot of fireworks;)

  5. Looks like you had a ton of fun on your trip. Atlanta looks like a lot of fun. Man I want to go to that coke museum. I love Coca-Cola. Growing up we always had Coca-Cola decorations in my kitchen.

    Here in CA fireworks are illegal and most of us are WAY to scared to illegally do them because they are INTENSE ramifications which is too bad.


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  8. What a fun weekend!!! Fireworks are suppose to be illegal here in CA but where my aunt and uncle live people do them anyways. And then in TN they sell them on every street corner it seems.

  9. I am super happy after reading your post. I feel like I just went on a vacation. I love the Coke-a-Cola factory!!! And that room was bangin!

  10. Looks and sounds like you guys had a great time! =)

    so very sorry for the loss of your friend

  11. Sounds like you guys had a blast in Atlanta!! Glad you had a great 4th together!

  12. I think we could get along :) I love your writing style, and your whole blog is just refreshing. I'm glad you found me so I can follow you now!

  13. What a fun time you guys had!! It's amazing how some good, extended time with a spouse can bring so much happiness.

    Daniel and I do the same thing... stay up too late trying to stave off the reality of him having to return to work. :)

  14. I'm somewhat confused: shouldn't the fuel efficient vehicles be FARTHER away from the entrance? Since walking more is all encouraged by the tree huggers anyway?? And besides, doesn't it take more fuel, albeit efficient fuel, to drive ALLLLLL the way down the row to park beside the building. Hmmm.

    **And - saying a little prayer for you tonight sweetie. I read the article, and that just plain sucks. No better way to say it. We need more young, strong Christians in this nation.

  15. I just wanted to share with you that my husband and I booked our Disney World trip!!! Soon I will be able to share your love for this magical place with you! :) I am so excited!

  16. How fun!!! You look fabulous by the way!! I'm glad you guys had such a good time!


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