July 26, 2010

The Second Hole

Yesterday's blistering heatwave turned into a pretty good day.

Of course, SoldierMan was out in the field all day and all night. So that was no bueno.

But otherwise, I had a nice day. Nothing spectacular. I hung out inside during the afternoon and stayed cool. I spent most of the day on the phone with either my mom or my dad, which was nice.

I also video chatted with my sister for like an hour, which was fun. We don't get to talk often, but when we do, she's a riot. We have a unique sense of humor between the two of us that nobody else really gets (although my brother comes close).

And I texted with my brother in the evening. He's turning into such a man. "How was your weekend?" "Fine." "How was volleyball?" "Alright." "How was the movie? "Okay." :p

Oh yes, and in case you didn't catch that, my brother played volleyball. As I mentioned previously, my brother hasn't been able to play sports since he was 6 years old. So it was a big deal that he not only played, but enjoyed it. (Which he really did, according to the other members of my family who communicate in sentences with more than one word.) So that was exciting for me to hear.

Also, big news - I got my ears (re)pierced.

I didn't get my ears pierced the first time till I was 17. My mom still doesn't have her ears pierced. It's just wasn't a thing for us. But then I guess at some point I wanted to, so I did. Then, when I was 19, SoldierMan talked me into getting the second hole.

Okay, okay, I can see him right now going "That's not how it happened!" So here's how it happened:

We were headed to Six Flags over Texas from OKC with some friends. When you head south, it's kind of a "thing" - you have to stop at the Gainesville outlet mall. I don't know why, but you just do. Or at least, you did. The place isn't what it used to be, but I digress....

Anyway, so we stopped and as we were passing by an Icing store, I casually mention that I was thinking about getting second piercings in my ears. And SoldierMan is like, "Oh you should! That would look so cool!" Or something. Anyway, he talks me into it and kind of pulls me into the store.

Well, he had never seen someone get their ears pierced before, and this was when they used a big gun to do it. And when the lady pulled out the gun, his eyes got really big. (In case you forgot, SoldierMan has a slight thing about needles.)

So while my friends stood there next to me and suffered through it, SoldierMan had to go to the opposite side of the store until the lady was done. And frankly, though I didn't admit it at the time, she didn't do that great of a job. In fact, one of my earlobes is significantly smaller than the other (in earring terms, that is) and the hole she punched was barely on my earlobe, not anywhere near centered. :p

Sometime along the way, I guess in the last year or so, I stopped wearing earrings almost altogether. For one thing, dangly earrings give me a headache. Does anyone else have this problem? Unless I'm wearing a simple stud, I get a migraine. Like a full-on blinding migraine. But also, it turned out my second piercings were more sensitive than the first ones, somehow? So almost none of my "good" cheap earrings would work for very long.

The other day, SoldierMan noticed I had stopped wearing earrings. He mentioned I looked cute with earrings. So I went to put some in.

Lo and behold, the second holes had closed. This didn't thrill me at first, until I realized this gave me a chance to remedy the poorly-placed-hole situation from before. Last week I finally decided to get them repierced. SoldierMan approved. Then I said, "We could go to the mall this weekend." And he said, "I have to go with you?"

Poor guy. :) So I waited until he was back in the field and went by myself.

When I was in the hospital a few weeks ago, I had to get an IV. SoldierMan had to watch them take it out (not really, he looked away and the nurse shielded it with the file). I told him the pain was nothing compared to getting my ears pierced, based on what I remembered.

I remembered wrong. It's way, way worse.

But now I have my second hole back. So it's worth it.

Yes, I know how that sounds. I don't care. :)


  1. i wish i could wear earrings! my ears are SUPER sensitive. yours look so cute!

  2. Eek! I've resolved to never get mine pierced again. My ears are very finicky - I can only wear nickel free earrings. I've had mine pierced about 4 times, for the last time when I was 16. We finally went somewhere that did hypoallergenic piercing. Then, when I was 21 Joe convinced me to get my cartilage pierced. It hurt SO BAD. And because I did it at Icing, it got infected 2 weeks later. =S After weeks of applying betadine and using nickel free only earrings, it's still there. But I would NOT do that again. Nor do I recommend it. =)

  3. I have a second hole as well and had them done three times before I kept them up.
    I only wear a good diamond stud in my top holes and never take them out. I change out the bottom holes with whatever suits me at the time.
    Aren't men big babies? I always crack up at what bothers my husband. I say "You can go to war and be blown up but you can't stand to have me pluck a stray eyebrow hair?" Too funny!!

  4. Congrats on the second hole! I have 3 holes in each lobe and pretty much just wear small loops in the last 2 holes. I got my cartilage pierced, too, about 7 years ago and it was absolutely horrid. The pain lasted so long, so I never take that hoop out to prevent closure. I used to have a problem with dangly earrings a few years ago, but I seem to be cured of that affliction. I can't stand needles either, so I completely feel for SoldierMan. I got my holes done at a tattoo/piercing shop because they have a lot more experience than the girls in the mall and my first hole that I had done at the mall was totally off center. Anyway, congrats!!!

  5. Love it!! I can't do dangly earrings either...I don't get headaches but it makes me cringe to see other peoples earlobes sagging under the weight and so that's all I can think about when they are in my own ears...yours look adorable!!

  6. Looks great!! I have 4 holes in each ear plus my cartilage pierced. I would get my 5th holes done (its kind of an addiction now) but my ears are too small there. :( So its not going to happen. I haven't word dangly earrings in years so I'm not sure about the headaches I am a stud and hoop kind of girl.

  7. One hole in my ears is enough for me! I hate needles too...

    I couldn't watch my first daughter, Eve, have her ears pierced. With my second daughter, Eliza, I wanted them done very badly - before she got too old. Daniel was deployed so I had to hold her on my lap. The woman (who did an excellent job) did one ear at a time. I thought I was going to pass out! But, Eliza barely cried - only one tear - she's amazing. I was so relieved when that was over :)

    Glad you are happy! And I bet your husband's glad he didn't have to experience the piercing again! :)

  8. Looks cute!! My ears are really sensitive so anything I wear has to be real...so I stick with hoops or studs.

  9. I still have never had my ears pierced! There was always something with that gun that never set well with me. lol

    Maybe one day but since I get headaches pretty easy I feel the earrings would do it to me.

  10. Yay for getting your ears re-pierced!
    Also-my bro is the same way...one word comments...haha.
    Oh and LOVE outlet malls :)

  11. haha!!

    I got my ears pierced as a baby, big latin thing!

    i got my cartilage pierced on my upper ear on a date in high school, the guy got the area under his lip (i think its like a labre??) peirced that night...we thought we were sooooo cool!!!!

  12. Cute! I love my second piercings. Oh and my man is too deathly afraid of needles and gets all swoony and faint at the site and thought of them.


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