July 31, 2010

Re: The Grand Tour

Hi everyone!

Just a short note for this Saturday. I wanted to follow up on a few comments I got, just to clarify...

We do not live on-post. Far be it from me to give you a false impression of on-post housing. The on-post housing is significantly older than our apartment complex (which is only 1 year old). What I have seen on-post from visiting my friends are quiet neighborhoods and good pet- and kid-friendly yards. I have seen several gorgeous on-post living situations, which is the benefit of having friends with actual interior decorating skills (Amanda).

We do not live near post. In fact, we live about 20 minutes from the front gate, which means SoldierMan's morning drive to work usually takes 30-45 minutes (depending on traffic, gate check and the distance he has to drive to work from the gate).

Both of these were deliberate choices. Back in the pre-army days, we still lived about 30 minutes from work. We'd rather live where we want and just commute to wherever the job happens to be. Yeah, the gas usage stinks, but it's worth it to like where you live, for us anyway. And SoldierMan was very adamant about NOT living on-post. Basically, he didn't want to live "at work." And I totally understand.

Also, I will be having that giveaway soon...once I come up with the right prize. :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I can understand that whole not wanting to live "at work" thing!

  2. I think there are so many pros and cons to either living situation. And wanting a little separation is totally reasonable. I can't wait to see what your giveaway is going to be! I know you'll come up with something brilliant.

  3. We don't live on base either. For us, it wasn't really even an option. The only on base housing available for us was s single bedroom apartment since we are junior enlisted. Living off base allowed us a 3 bedroom two bathroom with a driveway and a yard :)

    I love what you did to decorate yours though.


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