July 19, 2010

Just can't tear myself away

Well, whaddya know.

SoldierMan got released at 7:30 this morning. So now we have a whole extra surprise day together.


And yet, here I am. :)

Actually, right now he's over at a buddy's house comparing study notes, so I have a couple of hours to get some things done around here. But yeah, that was a nice surprise today. So, there you go. One good thing happened at IBOLC.

Saturday night we hung out with some friends. It was a lot of fun getting together with some new couples and just getting to know each other.We stayed up late and played pool and ate and laughed and had a blast. And could NOT get out of bed the next morning to go to church. :p Yeah, we're heathens.

Actually, I was a little bummed about that because the church had a guest speaker that we had been looking forward to for a while. So that was a bummer.

In any case, we're just going to enjoy the extra time together we have. Because after this week, he's in the field again - until graduation. That's 5 straight weeks, in case you were wondering. After 6 straight weeks. Yeah. They freakin' owe us an extra day.

However, the one thing that has really encouraged me through this whole crappy IBOLC experience is the fact that my (our) feelings regarding the experience tend to be universal throughout the company - it's not just us OCS Ops people, it's the prior service people and the ROTC people...everyone seems to be of one mind, and that's helped me, because it means that they (the prior service couples especially) know what is and is not normal "Army life" (and yes, there is a "normal" even if it's not "civilian normal," you know?) and they confirm for me over and over that this - is not normal. And that makes it a little easier, because I know there's an end in sight. Not to crap, I know there will always be crap in the Army. But not this kind anymore.

Anyway, that probably made no sense (unless you are in our IBOLC class ;)) but I just needed to get it out.

I'll get back to really posting and commenting here soon. I promise. I'll even have semi-interesting things to say, too. But right now, we have an extra day.

And in other super-freaking exciting news, I won Sarah's giveaway!!! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.... Can you tell I'm excited??? :)

Don't forget to add a question for my Q&A post! Last chance! I'll have the answers up tomorrow!


  1. Finding new friends is always a blast!!

  2. YAY!!! IBOLC has been crazy, but I love the people we've met!!

  3. Ohhh makes complete sense to me! I felt the same exact way and told myself over and over again that "this too shall pass". I couldn't wait to get into the "normal" Army. And for a little more motivation to get you through... it's been so.much.better! The rumors are true :)
    Enjoy your extra day together!

  4. My hubby is at MPBOLC right now and he's going through a similar form of BS.. I'm with you, I CANNOT WAIT for it to be over!!

  5. I saw that you won that giveaway, and I was super freaking excited for you too =) And lol, you are heathens, hahaha!

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  7. That is a happy surprise! Enjoy your extra day together!!

  8. I hope yall had a wonderful extra day together. I feel like my husband has been working all summer between exercises, inspections, and two active duty deaths.

  9. yay yay! for surprise days off :)


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