July 5, 2010

Happy 5th :)

Good morning everyone! (Well, it's morning to me. We were up kind of late last night...)

I hope you had (and are having) a fabulous 4th weekend.

We're still "on vacation" as it were, so this isn't a real update. But don't fret! A detailed, picture-heavy post will be forthcoming, most likely tomorrow!

That being said, there is one thing I wanted to share with you that I am SUPER excited about! The latest sister in the "Big" family launched yesterday: Big Peace.

I am especially excited to share this with my fellow milwives. Big Peace will be a hub of all information related to national security, military news and analysis - and in their charter they specifically pledge not to violate OPSEC, unlike other news agencies who see nothing run with publishing troop movements or classified information just to sell a paper or get ratings.

Here is the opening statement from Peter Schweizer, the Editor-in-Chief:

Welcome to BIG PEACE: A Word from the Editor

“Why is it the ship beats the waves when the waves are so many and the ship is one? The reason is that the ship has a purpose.”

–Sir Winston Churchill

untitled10.jpg image by dgurriephoto by Michael Yon

We are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July because we happen to believe that America is the last and best hope for mankind.

We are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July because we believe that freedom is an essential ingredient and condition for peace.

We are lauching Big Peace on the 4th of July because the American spirit of independence and fight, exhibited by our soldiers, is what ultimately keeps us safe.

And we are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July to celebrate the ideas of freedom and liberty, which are embraced by so many others around the world. The word “peace” has been hijacked by those who don’t believe in peace, but rather believe in appeasement. We intend to take it back. Peace comes from strength. Peace comes from freedom. More people were killed in the 20th century by their own governments than due to any war. Peace is a word devoid of meaning unless it includes liberty.

There’s a story about a guy who goes into a bar and when the fists and chairs start flying asks, “Is this a private fight, or can anyone join?”

When it comes to protecting freedom around the world and keeping America strong–it’s not a private fight. We want and need everyone who believes in those ideals to join in. Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy and Jim Hanson (of Blackfive) will be assisting me in this endeavor. We have a slate of contributors that runs the gamut of grunts, officers, policy experts, and journalists. Our contributors will be reporting from the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. But the most important ingredient is going to be you–the reader. We want your comments and feedback. Tell us about stories that have not been reported, threats ignored, and heroes that have not received their due. We firmly believe in interactive journalism. National security issues are too important to kept to the “professional” journalists. (Notice the quotes.)

The commitment of the Big Peace Team is to give you the unvarnished truth. We will not compromise on that point–with one crucial exception. We will never report operational details, names, or information that will ever put American or allied soldiers in harm’s way. Other than that, we figure everyone else is fair game. Democrats and Republicans. Americans and foreign nationals. Politicians and policymakers.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Andrew Breitbart for taking on these issues at such a critical time. And we also must thank the celebrated artist Steve Penley for giving us the moving and inspiring artwork that gives us our masthead.

Big Peace is journalism with a purpose. As Winston Churchill reminds us, purpose and direction are keys to victory. And we are playing to win. Thanks for joining us.

Anyway, click the picture above to go have a look-see. Or, you can see that I have linked to it under the "News You Need" section on the right.

And I'll be back in with you tomorrow!


  1. I hope you are having a fantastic holiday weekend!!! :) Looking forward to your pictures.

  2. How fabulous! I will definitely be frequenting them. Can't wait to see pictures!!


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