July 24, 2010

Debbie Downer

So you know the other day when I was doing that Q&A post, and I said something about always trying to look on the positive side and not dwelling on the negative?

Yeah, I'm calling total BS on that.

The other night, after the baby shower, I was up late and kept going over every conversation I had that day in my head. (Insecure, much?) And I realized that pretty much the whole day I was Negative Nancy.

Not towards the Shower or any of the ladies involved. They are all awesome. But whenever anything came up, I was somehow able to find a negative spin to everything. (IBOLC conversations don't count. I think we have a right to be bitter about the fact that our husbands are being set up to fail Ranger school. But that's for another time....)

Like, for example, someone was super nice and noticed our painting in our livingroom, which I am pretty proud of by the way (not that I painted it, but because it's really colorful and unique).

This isn't a picture I took, it's a picture of someone else's on the internet,
but it's the same embellished print.

Anyway, someone noticed it, and I said, Yeah we won that on a cruise. A really crappy cruise. No, really, it was awful and lame. It was only a weekend, and the only good part was all the food, which we figured we would just walk off at Disney the week after, but we couldn't, because it rained the whole time and it was really stupid and we can't go this year....

Is it any wonder people started leaving right about then?

I've been like that pretty much...for a while now. So I really need to work on...not being that.

So, I'm hoping that by spending more time with people, that will help. So hopefully next week we can do a movie night, maybe I can see if some of the other girls want to do a scrapbooking evening...I'll be rediscovering our amazing tub...Oh! And I get Season 2 of Chuck this week from Netflix.

So yeah, all good things. So, even though SoldierMan will be gone, hopefully I can force my mood to take an upswing.

Sorry to everyone who had to deal with my aura of bummer.
I'm working on it.


  1. I've got an idea for you...look for an email later today. :) No time now, but I'll be in touch.

  2. We're ALL Debby Downers at some point. Sometimes the things that suck in our life are so many that we forget all the awesome stuff (which is usually the most important anyway). I can't tell you how many times I've rained on someone's parade and felt bad about it later. I just try to bite my tongue and remember that they probably don't really need all the gory details. Now, if they ASK then it's open season.

  3. We definitely all have times like that. It's so easy to do, and sometimes that just turns into word vomit and you say things you don't want to say.

    I've been having some days like that lately, but I'm working on it. We can hold each other accountable! :)

  4. It probably wasn't anywhere near as bad as what you thought it was!! Besides...put a bunch of chicks in a room and there's bound to be some venting going on!! PS--I'm STILL hoping to meet you at Benning...if we could ever get there :)

  5. I think we all have a right to be 1/2 empty .. I am told I am always half empty but I don't mean to be that way .. it just happens .. Hope this week goes by better for you :)

  6. I hate it when I get stuck in a funk like that, it seems to just last and last. Hope you can pop out of it soon.

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I have been in the same funk lately as well. It happens :)

  8. We all get in funks like that. Hopefully, getting out and doing things will help you get out of it. And Chuck is a sure way to make things better!!

  9. I can relate to the whole Debbie Downer syndrome! Especially after fixing up my new apartment this week! GO TO CHEF LEE's in Columbus. It's close to you. It is really good for cheering you up. OR. We can both go together if you can wait until August 11th. I will be visiting my friend that week and we can hang out! P.S. thanks for the wedding tips!

  10. Eh, it happens. I get that way sometimes too. It's just a part of life. Go have some chocolate and/or more calories than you should eat. =) Watch some good shows, do something fun and climb out of that deep, dark pit! (((hugs)))

    P.S. *I* wouldn't leave if you'd said something like that. =)

  11. I didn't think of you as "Debbie Downer" at the shower. But if you want to be around people more, and don't mind a moderately-messy house, feel free to come hang out at our house any day or night!!!

  12. I don't think you were a debbie downer.

  13. I just now saw this...dang I dropped the ball!! Girl you're crazy...I didn't notice anything of the sort!! I'd be lying if I said I didn't go home and do the exact same thing though. It's just the way I operate I guess. I always think "I should've done that differently" or "Maybe I should just sit there and not talk anymore." I try not to, but I can't help going home and wondering how many people are rolling their eyes at the thought of me...

    For the record I went home and thought to myself "Jaci is super cool, why haven't we hung out before?!" No lie.

  14. Jaci! I thought nothing of the sort. I do the same thing and tell myself "well that was a pretty dumb thing to say..." but seriously I never once thought of you that way. You are awesome!


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