June 3, 2010

You Can't Fix Stupid

First I just want to say, wow, I didn't expect such excitement over my frappe machine. I should have known better of course. I squealed out loud when I saw the commercial for it. Then, we ran across one at our super-exclusive elite department store - Walmart. Yeah, Walmart. Get thee to a Walmart, ladies, and for a mere $80, you, too, can be the proud owner of a homemade frappe machine. :)

Now, for something more serious. You've been warned, this will be a rant. K?

Granted, for some things, there is no response. That is, there is no response that will change a person's mind, or even change the course of events. And sometimes, it's not worth it to respond. Remember this post?

Technically, I define a troll as a person who posts inflammatory statements as an anonymous poster. So, technically, I'm not breaking my own rules by addressing this person. Because they did not post anonymously.

However, I have tried every possible way I can think of to locate this person's profile or blog. No dice. So, I don't feel the least bit bad in identifying the poster. After all, if they didn't want to the world to know, they shouldn't have put it on the internet.

This was not left on my blog. It was left on our dear Rachel's, who unfortunately will be a lightning rod for such comments for a while. Because crazies are drawn like moths to flame to people that fit their skewed versions of reality. I.E. :

bearas61 has left a new comment on your post "Pre Memorial Day":

i just read a blog about a girl i will not call her a lady who lost her husband in service.she writes about everything she does every day and puts it online.does she know she is given weird people a chance to know where she is at all the time.i am sorry for her lost but i beleive she is going to get in trouble by someone who might read to just see about hurting her.i read where she went to florida to get money for her baby.what happened to all the money she got when her husband died?she was talking about drinking beers. getting tatoos.i do not like what our last president did by sending us to war it was wrong he was just doing it because of his dad then because of 9/11 my family serves the military right on and have been over there about 6times now.i do not agree with it because so many are being killed and then we the tax payers have to pay out a hugh sum of money to the wifes who married just before they were sent over there.do not get me wrong i live in a town where there are alot of service people and that is what the ladys do marry them before they are to go just incase they are killed they will get a large sum of money.i know for a fact of 6 women who did this it should be that they are married for a year before the wifes get the money.i have been married for 22 years and i would not want one cent when my husband died if i could not enjoy it with him i would not want it after he died.so wake up people 2 days after there husbands are dead they are out shaking their butts looking for another marine to settle down with .

Now, aside from the fact that the person is obviously illiterate, we know that this in no way describes Rachel to any degree. And we also know that this kind of sentiment is not unique. That's because there are about 1 out of 1,000,000 milwives who do fit this profile.

I posted this because it reminded me of a certain person in my life. Some who, even prior to us becoming an Army family, made no secret his contempt for "the man" - stemming from the fact that he was a Truther...a full-blown Alex Jones acolyte. (In case you don't know what a Truther is, a Truther is a person who believes 9/11 was a staged attack executed by the United States). Hence, his problem with the military. Because the Truther thing, it's not about Bush. Not really. It wasn't Bush who flew the plans into the twin towers - it was servicemen. Military pilots. And this guy - he was a real life troll for months. Kept trying to start arguments with me - in the workplace - about our evil government and the military of murderers.

So what does this have to do with anything?

The point is, these people are all alike to me. Their stupid personal agendas skew their perception of reality to the point that the sky is brown.

I'm not really going to respond to this poster. I mean, there is no response, right? But I am posting this as a warning, in case she (if indeed the poster is in fact a 'she,' you never can tell with the internet and I take nothing for granted) finds any more of us.

I have no tolerance for either of these sentiments. Not online or in real life. If this person or anyone tries to come to my blog and spew this kind of idiocy, you will not be able to comment and run away and enjoy watching the other commenters go crazy fighting with you and each other, as normally happens. I will find your blog. I will find you. And you will find yourself on the receiving end of some serious reverse trolling. Consider yourself warned.

Now, for something lighter!

Today's Photo of the Day:

This is some of my favorite nail polish. It changes colors in the sun. Blue when inside, green when outside.

Okay, not very artsy or even very well-spliced. But I did my best. The green is a very soft sea green. You can click and blow it up if you want, but be forgiving. It took me forever to even get it that closely matched.

BTW - anyone here enrolled in EFMP? We are supposed to get our orders within the next few weeks and I need to get enrolled before that happens so as to make sure we don't risk getting re-assigned after the fact. I keep calling the local office but get a machine...that says nothing about the military. It sounds like a generic cell phone voicemail message. So can you tell me what I need to do to get enrolled? Do I have to have a physical by a PCM on post or can I just take a copy of my file with me? Can I do it over the phone?


  1. I'm sorry I don't have any tips for enrolling in EFMP, but I just wanted to say I'm so glad i missed that comment on rachel's blog.


    "what about all that money you get when your husband dies?" SERIOUSLY?!?! what fantasy world military is she talking about?

    cuz a life insurance policy and death payment can support you and your kid for life. right.

    ugh, some people. its not even just anti-military. its completely uncompassionate in general! (that might not be a word :-p) sigh.

  2. some people just dont know how much our troops and their familys give so they can talk this way.

  3. Wow. What an idiot. I'm a democrat but I'm not crazy ;)I really hope that person realizes that their opinion is not welcome.

  4. well duh! oh course you wouldn't be able to find the troll's blog! Illiterate people would be unable to rise to the standard of being a bonafide blogger. Cause no one follows someone that spells huge as 'hugh'. But you're one of the chosen few (and I mean few) that follow me - so what's THAT sayin???

  5. Honestly when people say those things I just feel bad them, because it must be horrible to have to live life so miserable and judgmental of others.

  6. I don't even know what to say. I don't think I can say anything because people like that are too illogical to see real truth.

    I don't have any advice or information regarding the EFMP but have you tried calling the Military One Source hotline? I was told to call them if I had any sort of issue. It's a 24/7 number. I'll text you the stateside line. I haven't had to call for anything as of yet but the card I was given says you name it, we can help so maybe they'll be able to give you more information.

  7. Wow I am sorry you got left such a nasty comment. People need to be more considerate and keep their thoughts to themselves!

  8. I had to see the EFMP nurse to make sure I was ok to PCS overseas. I was able to just get my medical records and then basically answered a bunch of health related questions. I think we actually went to the hospital to find the office and make an appointment. Good luck!

  9. Is it incredibly selfish of me to hope that SoldierMan gets orders to PCS to Hawaii?! ;-)

  10. Oh MY GOODNESS!! The nerve of some people!!! I mean, REALLY! The internet gives people "guts" that they truly don't have. Man, that troll would be shaken up if she met any of us in person...wow! Too bad she doesn't have her own life to worry about and she has to be so consumed with Rachel (and who knows what other victims she has??). Although, it always kind of cracks me up with the nastiest of commenters is incredibly illiterate...you can't read without smiling both at their stupidity and at their grammar, or lack thereof!

  11. oh yeah, love the nail polish =)

  12. I really want to slap that girl.

    That is all.

  13. hahahahhaa. So I have been on your blog for like 30 minutes reading all your quotes! They are AWESOME!

  14. Wow, there's no words for some people's idiocy.

  15. So I may not be a genius but if you are going to post a possibly inflammatory comment like your "troll" decided to you would think she would at least manage to portray herself as slightly literate. Nobody is forced to share my ideals, my blog is MY blog, it is my truth as I see it. I do not shy away from those who do not agree with me, if you don't like what I have to say at least maintain a certain level of respect and please use spellcheck when complaining about you perceive are my shortcomings.
    On the flip side, for the most part I have found this blogging community to be riddled with very intelligent well spoken women that intrigue me everyday. Sorry to say-this "troll" did nothing to stimulate my interest in her musings, no wonder she doesn't have a public profile.

  16. It's crazy what some people deem appropriate. I don't understand why some (tactless) people could possibly think it would be appropriate to say such disparaging things to a woman in Rachel's position. Seriously? Just plain stupid. (Not that it doesn't rile me up, too!)

  17. You finally got a frappe machine! I still adore mine. :)
    That person is not only ridiculous but beyond stupid. It truly made my head hurt reading it.

  18. I'm pretty sure everything that needs to be said about the comment has been said.

    As for EFMP, they should have an office in the hospital (at least they did at FLW) so I would just walk in there and talk to someone. The ladies in our office, although a little flighty, were quite helpful. Good luck!

  19. People like that make me mad!!!

    Btw, I love the fingernail polish.

  20. I am shocked and appalled by what that person posted on Rachel's blog. What an idiot. I truly don't understand people like that. I'm all about free speech, and everyone has the right to their personal opinions, but why share your idiocy? Definitely a troll.

  21. People like that really make me angry inside. Seriously... what about the newlyweds that have no choice but to send their spouse over to war? Not ALL women marry service members for the money.

    And what about those of us who have small children to continue to raise? They don't stop growing just because they're parent dies.

    That lady (or man) needs a swift slap across the face.


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