June 30, 2010

‘Standing for Our Soldiers’: Troopathon 2010

I totally forgot that Troopathon 2010 is tomorrow. So, rather than waiting until tomorrow, I'm going to go ahead and plug it now so you have the opportunity to pass along the details. Here is a copy of the announcement from Andrew Breitbart:

Tomorrow, July 1st, I have the honor of co-hosting Move America Forward’s 3rd Annual Troopathon to raise money for care packages for our troops. The eight-hour broadcast, which will air live across the World Wide Web, will stream here at Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, and Breitbart.TV from 4 p.m. to midnight, EDT. Please join us to show your support for our brave men and women fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere for our safety and for the freedom of people around the world. Here are the details from MAF:

The concept behind Troopathon is not a new idea, put on a Jerry Lewis style telethon to benefit a worthy cause, but a Troopathon is groundbreaking and innovative in that we bring together famous celebrities from radio, television, movie stars, musicians, journalists, and more to create a one-of-a-kind event with one purpose – to support our troops on the front lines in the war on terror and honor their service and sacrifice for our nation.

The goal of Troopathon is simple, send care packages to our troops, as many as we can get sponsored in a single 8-hour show. In our first year (2008) our inaugural program brought in over $1.5 million for care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the single largest shipment of care packages ever recorded. Over the two years we have done it, our innovative webcasts have brought over $2 Million for our troops. Since our organization began sending care packages in 2006, we’ve sent over 168 TONS of high quality beef jerky, Gatorade, Oreo cookies and gourmet coffee to our troops, and that’s just the beginning!

What makes troopathon such a success, and an exciting event for our troops and our supporters, is the star power we bring out! In our Troopathons we’ve been proud to have such participants as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Laura Ingraham, Gary Sinise, Jon Voight, Kevin Farley, John Ondrasik of the band Five for Fighting, Oliver North, President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Dr. David Horowitz, Carrie Prejean and many many more!

In order to bring all these celebrities and VIPs together on the same program in one 8 hour show we utilize the latest cutting edge web-technology. We have partnered with the breakout success startup company Usteam.TV for two years in a row, who provide the technical wizardry that makes the Troopathon a success. Thanks to the technical expertise of our staff and Ustream.TV, we’re able to bring all our guests together on the same broadcast, despite their busy schedules, and broadcast the troopathon to hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. Even our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who are lucky enough to have internet access love to log on and see the outpouring of support for themselves! Each troopathon we make contact with our troops in Iraq and this year we will do the same!

Our third annual Troopathon, titled “Standing for Our Soldiers” promises to be the best yet! Keep coming back and checking troopathon.org as further details will be forthcoming!

You can also go to any of the Big sites (linked on the right) for more information today and tomorrow.


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