June 15, 2010

Something for Everyone

First of all, thanks to everyone for the wonderfully positive and understanding feedback on my little announcement. I need to add: that's not to say that I'll never visit any of the blogs that get "purged" again. Far from it. I still drop in occasionally at blogs I haven't formally followed in months, just to see what's up. But I appreciate y'all understanding that life has to go on, and I need to make a life for myself AWAY from the laptop!

So...I haven't been the greatest about my "picture a day" thing. I'm doing okay, more like every other day. But anyway, here are some to share with you:

This is what SoldierMan calls "Cherry Coffee Cake." I'm not sure why, it looks (and tastes) nothing like any coffee cake I've ever seen/tasted. But it's really good. It's basically butter and sugar with cherries and some other stuff to hold it together. Major fat content but major yum! Butter and sugar, doesn't get any better than that, right?

I've been spending a lot of afternoons by our community pool. I haven't yet seemed to crack into the local "wives group" of daily pool-goers, but that's okay. They're a little intimidating to me right now, anyway. They all look like they belong in a Victoria's Secret Swimsuit catalog. No, really.

Anyway, last week I was out and I was tired (I don't sleep so well when SoldierMan is in the field...it's like November all over again). Unless I start the day with generous amounts of caffeine, I'm pretty much a zombie the whole day. Anyway, so I go out to the pool at times I've learned the families aren't as likely to be there (story to come) and lay out. I filled up my Shuffle and put on my hat (to protect my color-treated hair) and sunglasses...and fell asleep. In the sun.
Yeah, lovely. The computer screen doesn't really do it justice. I was neon hot pink. And what about that lovely white patch on my neck? Pretty awesome.

However, there was no peeling, no itching and very little pain, and most of the sunburn was gone within 24-48 hours. Why? This little beauty right here:
Yes, m'dears, my amazing Mary Kay Timewise body lotion. It is absolutely the most fabulous stuff ever. This reminds me that I need to place an order, which is frustrating. See, I don't work MK as a business (so this blog post is not an advertisement) but I *am* a consultant. Which means that I get the consultant discount. Back home, I had a group of girls who would get together with me, place a few bulk orders every year and we would share the discount. I am totally fine passing on the sweet savings to others (as long as it doesn't take them away from their own consultants. I would NEVER place an order for someone who had a consultant. That's unethical.) Of course, now I'm here, at Ft. Benning, and I don't really know anyone yet. And I hate being that person who, right as you're getting to know them, brings up whatever home-based business they have, because then it's like immediately a part of the relationship. And I like to avoid that. However, I do need some things. So I'm going to have to figure something else out.

Did you have a favorite candy as a kid?
I L-O-V-E this stuff! We went to Cracker Barrel the other day for breakfast, and I finally gave in and spent the $1 to bring it home with me. I'm not really a sweets person, but this is the best candy ever!

In case I haven't shared this before, I absolutely hate handwashing dishes. Frankly, I don't understand why, in the 21st century, any company would intentionally make a product that has to be handwashed. I consider it a design flaw. So I try to avoid using anything that has to be handwashed at all costs. Unfortunately, that's not always an option. My blessed frappe machine, for example, has to be handwashed after use. And there are some "handwash-only" cookware things I have that I don't (yet) have suitable machine-washable substitutes for.
But I will still avoid handwashing things at all costs. Even after I've used them. Even after a couple of days. Oh yes. I'm sure that just made all you household divas gag. But I like to think that if I just leave them in the sink and ignore them, maybe they'll wash themselves and go away. ***For the record, they have since been washed - by me - and put away. But I hated it.

I couldn't figure out a way to work this into the Disney carnival last week, so I'm putting it here now. We just got these from Amazon:
Salt and pepper shakers!! Is that not adorable!! :)

And finally, because I'm so excited I can't contain myself - THE FURNITURE FINALLY CAME!!!!

Notice how the chair-thingy is facing a different direction in this picture? That's because it swivels, you know, like a barstool. It's awesome and big enough for two people. Sweet!!


  1. This post had so much fun in it!! I love the salt and pepper shakers! And I love that little treat, gosh it looked amazing I wanted to eat my computer!

  2. UM... HELLO... cut me a slice of THAT coffee cake!!! ;) Looks delicious! (geez ever since I found out I was preggo I swear, I could eat ALL day long! haha, okay maybe that was before too!) And I love the couch, it is almost identical to ours. The frame is the same but our cushions are more a light mocha and the back cushions are the same mocha. Good taste! ;)

  3. First of all, LOVE the hair in the sun burn picture! ;-) Hehehe!

    Second, I'm seriously beginning to believe that we were twins and separated at birth. I, too, am a very poor MK consultant. I got in hoping, believing that I would make a real business out of it, but it turned into me using all of the product I bought. =) I LOVE MK and refuse to use anything else on my face. =D

    Oh, and I'm jealous of your gorgeous furniture. Chocolate brown, swivel chair...I'm drooling. =)

    {I almost texted you and then decided you didn't want to be woke up at, uh, 2 a.m.}

  4. i love this post. i think this has to be the one of the randomest yet entertaining posts i have read in a while.

  5. feel free to send me a slice of the coffee cake!

  6. Your coffee is bringing the fat girl inside me out. Not good, not good at all. It looks delicious though. :)

    By the way, in 9 days we'll know if we're going down to GA or not. Pray that we do! We can have a blogger meet up!

  7. this post was so ADD - loved it!
    I lvoe the cherry cake thing. I make something much like it called dump cake. I typically use peaches, bt I have done cherries. just dump the fruit in, then cover it with a box of dry white cake mix, then top that with slices of butter and bake. HEAVEN!!!!!!

    and your sunburn picture made me laugh out loud!

    and i want to tak a nap in your swivel chair.

    and though i'm not big on disney, the salt and pepper shakers are way cute!

  8. Love the furniture! YAY!

  9. I love your furniture!! Oh wow, I can't believe that sunburn! That's great that it didn't start peeling though.

  10. Yeah that the furniture came!!! I love that chair thingy =)

  11. Dont you just love your couch?? We got the same one except its a little lighter and we love it!!

  12. Mmmmmm I LOVE Fun Dip!!! Now I want to go get one lol

  13. I love fun dip! I ate it way too often up until high school.. and I want some now. Thanks :)

    I know you are so glad to have your furniture.. it's been a while!

    And I completely agree on the handwashing thing. My pots and pans need handwashing and I hate it.. yet have to do it every single day.

  14. I am not a fan of cherries but that looks delish!! My favorite childhood candy was twizzlers. My best friend LOVED fun dip though!

  15. Your new furniture is very cute! So glad it finally came.

    You are super pretty, so I wouldn't worry about those other wives at the pool. I think we are our own worst critics!

    At least I know I am. Have fun by the pool. That is a great way to enjoy these hott summer days!

  16. oh wow, the furniture looks awesome! I'm so glad you got it finally!

  17. In no particular order:

    Lol @ your sunburn. I currently look about the same. Isn't it fantastic?

    I love love LOVE your furniture! It's awesome. I can't wait to move to WA so I can make him take me furniture shopping :)

    I'd like the recipe for that cherry thing, if you're willing to share your secret (pretty please?)

    Your kitchen sink is WAY cleaner than ours. Of course, we have to get some water softener, b/c the dishwasher here sucks and leaves spots, etc. etc., so I handwash ALL the dishes. I loathe it, but I also loathe spotty dishes. *sigh*

  18. Love the chair that swivels, thats very cool. I love your living room, it looks cozy -:)

    Musings Of An Army Wife

  19. ps>there's an award for you on my blog


  20. Awesome new furniture! :) Sooo glad it finally came!!!

  21. Mmmmm, fun dip! Now I have a craving. Pity I haven't seen that stuff for years, though.

    And I'm so glad your furniture arrived! It looks awesome in your new home :)

  22. Don't ya hate when you get the sunglass sunburn...ouch =)

    That cake picture looks DELIGHTFULLY YUMMY!

    and i <3 fun dip =)

    oh and i really like your furniture!

  23. oh wow, where did you get that furniture? LOVE the chair!

  24. I LOVE your couch!!! it's awesome. I also really love your salt and pepper shakers. Sorry to hear about your sun burn, those are no fun...

  25. I love your new couch! It fits well into your home. :)

    PS: I also love how other people decorate their home. It makes me happy.


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