June 27, 2010

Movie Monday

Since we didn't see any new (or extremely old) movies this weekend, how about a rental review?

For every commercial with the clueless dad, every TV show with the bumbling dad, every movie with the lazy, absentee father....this is the only answer to that stereotype in the last half-century.

That's part of why I love this movie.

Also, it's an emotional rollercoaster, but my style of rollercoaster. Action. Suspense. Drama. Like 24, only cooler.

In case any of you don't know the premise, Brian is a retired Block Ops guy with a teenaged daughter, Kim. Kim lives with her mom and stepdad. Mom and Kim talk Brian into giving her permission to go to France with a friend, to stay with friend's family there and see museums in Paris. Of course, this is a story. In reality, she and a wild child friend of hers are planning to tour Europe alone. After they arrive in Paris, they are kidnapped by human traffickers. Brian goes into high alert, traveling to Paris and using his "unique skills" to find the kidnappers and rescue his daughter.

Seeing this in the theater was an intense experience. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. No one was messing around on their cell phones. No one chatted, except to express awe at some of Liam Neeson's impressive action sequences.

It was no less intense in my living room on Sunday afternoon - although I admit the experience was probably enhanced by the thunderstorm outside, clapping at the climactic moments.

Like 24, there's a lot of action, lots of testosterone, some good fight scenes and some...uncomfortable scenes. When Brian finally catches up with the kidnappers, hearing him finally say those words - "I told you I would find you" - you get the same sort of uncomfortable thrill of justice in seeing him...prevent them from being able to hurt anyone else. Ever again.

Maybe that's the reason that this movie resonated with so many people. It's a thrill because deep down we instinctively know that there are genuinely bad people out there, and no amount of rehab, no threat of legal punishment, nothing short of death will stop them from hurting other people, whether they are human traffickers or terrorists. It's uncomfortable because, as much as we know they are evil people who deserve it, we know that we are incapable of meting out the appropriate sentence ourselves. And yet we still understand that our inability to do the tough job ourselves makes the sentence no less just. Because it is justice. Not revenge. There is a difference, even if sometimes we don't like to admit it.

I wouldn't recommend this movie to my mom. She doesn't handle this kind of intense well. And it's certainly not a family movie. But if you like action, and suspense, and drama, this is an excellent choice.


  1. I love that movie! and its completely true what you said that deep down inside we know that there are bad people. Its such a good movie to alert people of things that could happen to anyone.
    A month or two ago I blogged about this movie, but more from a human rights perspective.

  2. When my husband suggested we see Taken, I wasn't sure. I'm glad we did though! It's one of our favorite movies. It just has a raw, real feeling to it for an action flick. Like it could've happened, ya know?

    My only problem: The way that girl runs. Can't stand it! Haha.

  3. Ooooh, I SO love this movie!! In fact, I feel like watching it again. Lol!

  4. That is a GREAT movie....I think Liam Neeson was perfect.

  5. I loved this movie, thought it was fantastic. I agree for once there is a Dad who knows exactly how to get his daughter back. Not that other Dads don't want to get their daughters back but this guy knows the nity grity of how to get it done.

  6. I love this movie! The dad in the movie actually reminded me of my dad in many ways. You know, the guy who would do ANYTHING for his daughter no matter what and would stop at nothing to protect her.

    I know people who did not like this movie because even though he saved his daughter there was still the problem of "human trafficking" and he did nothing to stop it. But the real hard truth is that it is a problem and really, no one (especially one person) can stop it. The message it gave me was one of caution rather than solution.

    Plus, the dad is just awesome and the justice, for his daughters behalf, was great!

  7. I saw this while I was at my inlaws and it is on my top 10! Loved it!!!! And now I have a phobia of someone trying to steal me...the things I never thought of until I saw this movie!

  8. I'll have to add this to my must watch list!

  9. I remember when my husband picked this movie to watch and didn't want to at first. It turned out to be one of my all time favorite movies. I can watch it over and over again.


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