June 20, 2010

Movie Monday: New Releases

I haven't done a Movie Monday in a while, so I'm going to cover the two NEW movies we saw last week: A-Team and Toy Story

I know, you're shocked. Neither one are black-and-white. :) Don't worry, I'll be bringing classic back next time.

We saw A-Team last Sunday night. I've never watched the original series, so I can't give you any opinion as to whether or not it was in any way within Original A-Team Canon. But whether it was or wasn't, it was a stinkin' good movie. Basically, it's about the 4 Army Rangers (heck yes!) who get set-up and dishonorably discharged, then have to go outside of the lines to clear their names and catch the bad guys who set them up...I know that's really vague but it's hard to say more than that without giving away a significant plot twist (which, frankly, I found distasteful, but could ignore). It's obviously written as though it could be the pilot for a series, but I hope they don't do that. This movie is a good stand-alone. I think a series would be too hard to live up to.

Lots of wisecracks, action, senseless explosions. It's not what I'd call a "guy" move...sure, there's lots of action (which I love) but no gore and no topless girls in thongs (or anything close, really). It was nice to see Jessica Beal in a movie where she was just allowed to act, and not just cause they had a bikini scene. You know what I mean? But that's a post for another day. I'm still trying to think of an excuse to go see it again. We will definitely be owning this one when the DVD comes out.

Oh, Toy Story. We saw this Saturday night. Wow. I'll admit, I had a lot of expectations for this movie. After all, like the facebook groups says, we've been waiting 11 years for the conclusion of the story. I remember when the first one came out. My brother was about 4 or 5 at the time and LOVED it. Before long, of course, we had Buzz and Woody stuff galore. He even had a pretty elaborate Buzz Light year costume that has since made the rounds through several cousins - proving the timelessness of the story. (Brother is tomorrow - gasp - 16!) When the 3D Double-Feature of Toy Story 1 & 2 came out last year to select cities, SoldierMan and I set aside the evening and stayed up late one Wednesday night to go. I've been waiting for this for months!

And it did not disappoint. From the second the opening credits began to the end of the "extra scenes" in the ending credits, it is truly a masterpiece. Disney/Pixar (mostly Pixar, let's be honest) makes amazing movies. This one hit all the high notes and ran the full spectrum of emotion; we laughed, we cried (no, I cried), we screamed...it was the first time in a long time I've been at a movie where people applauded, and it really deserved it. With or without children, you will LOVE this movie.

My only criticism is that it really didn't need the 3D gimmick. You could lose the 3D and still have a movie just as good, if not better by not having to keep pushing the dumb glasses up your nose throughout the movie. :) And you know those awesome pre-movie short films that Pixar makes?
Yeah, I guess they were so busy working on the movie...they let their mojo slip when it came to the short. But that's okay. The movie itself was awesome.

Have you seen either of these movies yet? What's your review?


  1. We saw A-Team this past week and thought it was great! I know the reviews have been awful but we thought it was hilarious. Glad you enjoyed both!

  2. I so want to go see Toy Story! That short was not so good... They could have done WAY better.

  3. Saw the A-Team this weekend and loved it!

  4. I saw A-Team this weekend and LOVED it!! I am also trying to justify seeing it again. I cannot wait to see Toy Story 3...I just wish it was not in 3D.

  5. I will try to go see these movies now that you have given them a go.l I saw Karate Kid with my daughter and I loved it too. Have a terrific week.

    Musings Of An Army Wife

  6. I am soooo looking forward to A-Team. I am all about the BANGBANG! Toy Story is definitely on the list too!

  7. These are both movies on our "to see" list! We are really going to try hard to save and take the boys while Toy Story is still in the theater.

    And I didn't comment on your last post but, I am glad your dad is doing so well after his sugery. My mom is having knee problems and we are praying she wont need surgery.

  8. We LOVED Toy Story! It is so funny to remember seeing Toy Story when I was a teenager. Holy crap, I was 19!! And now we took our kids to go see it!! I agree, the 3D element could have been ditched! But I am not that crazy about 3D. But I believe it was my favorite of the 3 movies and Landon has a growing collection of Toy Story toys, pjs, flip flops, and shirts! I think Christmas will bring lots of Buzz stuff!! LOL!

  9. You an have award on my page! :)

  10. Cannot wait to see Toy Story!! Eeeee :D


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