June 23, 2010

Just had to share this...

Regardless of how you feel about women being in combat MOSs, you have to admit that this woman isn't making the most compelling case in favor of it.

This is from the US Army Infantry facebook fan page. The status asked "Why do you think women aren't allowed in the infantry?"

This is her series of responses...you can probably fill in the ellipses (where the rest of the group joined in the conversation) yourselves.
I think they are stuck in the old days where they still think its the womans job to take care of you men! lol if they are going to let women in the army that women better be strong enough to handle a big ole gun and be able to blow the eneny to the next life! if they are that strong let them do it! without question.!.....

women that have hysterectomys or dont have periods anymore or can handle themselves appropriatly and arent primpin in the mirror like a prep every two seconds and dont give a rats ass about getn poked by some men in a bradley will be just fine. were not all bimpos and i assure you i could shoot faster and better than most men i have shot with. reaction time is faster too because honestly while im looking at the target we multitask like crazy were looking at four other targets and we can nail all of them before you pull your first triggar. lol.....

all you women are just to scared your men would be out in the field with a female because of temtations. not all women are like that though. oh well think what you want. just because some of you women are cry babies doesnt mean we all are. lol.....

honestly ive seen to many guys wining saying they have a stress disorder because they dont have the guts to hang and there scared ,,if you put a jane out there i bet you she wouldnt pretend to have something like that or blow herself up she would fight to the end and yes omg there are ways to carry a big guy out of the enemys way without lifting them over your shoulder. if they want to fight and or die for their country let them!!!!!!!!.....

all people have their own opinions on matters and women think differently than men. Thier opinions and ideas might save them all how do you know? I wouldnt want to go period i have a six foot one soldier to protect me i personally wouldnt ever want to be out there. but for the women who think they can just like i said before you should LET them......

someone has to stand up to you bullys and if i were younger without two children and a hubby i would break this cycle i wish someone would.....

what by saying WOMEN SHOULD be treated EQUALLy my oh my what is this the old days where women had to wear skirts and change diapers and nothing else you ladies need to get out of this thinking for your own sakes. urgh....


  1. Oh myyyy....
    That is all. I'm speachless. And slightly amused.

  2. I really don't know how to respond. But, wow. I think someone needs to give these women (and I use that term loosely) a lesson in spelling and grammar! Not to mention manners...

    Just wow.

  3. Hmm...

    That's all I can say lol

  4. The whole time I had her pegged for a 13 year old girl, and apparently she is old enough to have 2 kids and a husband. wow. just wow.

  5. Dear God! If I WAS a woman in the military I'd be ashamed to have her represent me.
    I wonder if she's strong enough to carry a wounded comrade? I wonder if she's strong enough to physically fight the enemy?
    I don't worry about a "bimpo" out with my husband, I just want someone strong enough to REALLY have his back and be able to carry him if he falls.
    She can't do it.. I don't know a woman that can.
    There are a lot of wonderful women doing great things in the military. Why isn't that enough?

  6. First off-- Redneck much??

    and Second-- BHAHAHAHAHA.. wow.

  7. Baahahahaha 2 words:
    Spell Check!

  8. Holy cow. This is a terrible representation of women in the military... I feel bad for everyone she just disrespected!

    I think she needs to go back to school, someone needs to learn basic spelling.

  9. hmmm...

    is all i have to say about that.

    but i do want to tell you that i have alittle something for you on my blog

  10. She is very ignorant because while I am not an infantry person .. I am a medic .. and I don't work in the hospital .. so we do serve with the guys .. and there are problems here and there because a lot of people CANT keep it in their pants .. or are out to prove something or get attention, but helllo .. she is outta control lol .. girls are funny

  11. She has no clue! I really do not believe that her husband is in the military. If her husband was in the Army then she would know what PTSD is and that it is real! And someone with no education should not be speaking for all women! WOW!! WOW!!!

  12. First off, Little Missy should definitely learn how to spell and discuss things in a grammatically correct way. Other than that she should probably learn to keep her mouth shut and opinions to herself because she comes across as a (excuse my french) complete and utter dumb ass.

  13. Maybe these people should take some spelling classes before they go nuts on Facebook. It would give them at least shred of credibility.


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