June 8, 2010

Disney Blog Carnival: Rides

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Dear Fellow BBs,

Sorry I'm late catching up with everyone. Yesterday was hectic. I had a lot to do out of the house during the day and then last night was an FRG coffee (worth a blog post itself) and also SoldierMan's last night home before going to the field for the week. So, needless to say, the laptop did not get touched much after lunch. I'm back on the horse today and I'll be around to visit everyone shortly.

Thank you.

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Today's theme: Rides!

The first ride I'll cover is the Safari Ride at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The pictures with people are from our honeymoon.

I still can't get over how young we looked.

This is our driver. She was awesome, the best we've had. I wish I could remember her name.

Animal Kingdom park is also a preserve for African animals. They have created this safari ride to take you into the preserve. You literally get up close and personal with the animals - no fences to keep them "back" like in a zoo. You ride in this 25 passenger humvee-type thing along a pre-determined path, and many of the animals will walk right up to your vehicle. It's not uncommon for some of the larger animals, like rhinos, to camp out on the road and make you wait until they move to proceed. It's low-tech, no fancy "Disney" dance music or costumed characters, and it's a long line for a semi-long ride. But it's the best there is at AK.

These pics are from a few years later with my awesome camera and long lens.

This is Splash Mountain, one of the rides that SoldierMan has to ride alone.
I have a thing about falling from great heights. I don't handle it well.
This, ladies, is why we always try and go in September (aside from the fact that it's our anniversary). Notice anything about that flume? It's empty. This is not at all unusual for that time of year. More often than not, in September, there are only lines for major rides. Most rides, you can literally just walk on. You might have to wait 5 minutes. Long waits - 10. No lie. Go in September.

This may not be a "ride" technically, but it's definitely something you have to do!
This is the Segway tour at Epcot. Basically you get there super-early, before the World Showcase area (the one with all the different countries) is open, and a tour guide on a Segway takes a group around to all the countries and you learn interesting facts about each of the pavilions.
This was my first time on a Segway. It was SOOO fun. Way better than driving! I'd say we should make these totally available to the public, but did you ever see Wall-E? Not a good idea.

The whole crew: SoldierMan, Me, Mom and Dad.

SoldierMan doing his Paul Blart: Mall Cop pose - "But if I put my hand here, it looks like I have a gun.

Oh, the teacups. The dreaded teacups. I hate the teacups. I have a slight inner ear problem. I can fall over standing on two feet on flat ground. I get motion sick when SoldierMan drives us to Walmart. I hate, hate, hate the teacups. Yet every year, as per tradition, I go on the teacups. Why?
To get the coveted blur-motion picture.
Once upon a time, I was a photographer....

And last but not least, the carousel in Magic Kingdom.
Every trip, we have to ride the carousel and take pictures. Yet another tradition.

It's sort of a game to see who can "get" the other one by doing a goofy face in their "serious" picture.
We also race on the carousel.
How do you race on a carousel?
The one who is higher when the music stops wins.
We're very competitive. :)

Link up below to share your ride memories!

Tomorrow: Food!


  1. Oh my gosh, yall do look so young! So stinking cute though!

  2. I love that you all try and silly face the other's serious pics...that's so cute.

  3. y'all are so cute =)

    we are taking our oldest do magic kingdom this summer!! so excited ;)

  4. oh so so much fun :) I have never been to any of the disney parks, we are hoping to do that next fall :) looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. We literally have over 200 pictures from the safari. T seems to go camera nuts whenever we go. :)
    The driver is definitely what makes or breaks the trip.
    It took forever for my pictures to upload but I am linking up now.

  6. Aww I so want to link up but I dont have a lot of pictures... However, I a having a lot of fun reading this carnival.

    I need to get to Disney World. I am spoiled by living 15 minutes away from Disneyland but Ive never been to Disney World. Looks like so much fun

  7. Again...I NEED to get to Florida! I love your comments on all of your pictures. It's like I was on vacation with you...

  8. Awe ya'll look so fresh baby faced! Animal Kingdom is sooo fun!

  9. Super Cute pics...I love the one of you on the ride all blurry! That's a great shot!!

  10. I really want to go to the Animal Kingdom now!

  11. Adorable pictures!!

  12. You guys are amazingly cute! You always bring smile to my face. I love reading about your adventures..i'll stay tuned on this blog for awhile, i need to dig into archives.


  13. Love these! Growing up we always had 3 weeks off in October and none of the other schools did. So we always went to Disneyland then. It was so empty. I got spoiled though. I really can't stand going if it is going to be crowded.


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