June 5, 2010

Disney Blog Carnival: Introduction

Hi there!

I am so excited about this week's blog carnival. This week, for those of us who have yet to get a vacation (and even for those that have!) we are going to take a walk down memory lane together - Disney style!

Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday: Favorite Park
Tuesday: Rides
Wednesday: Food
Thursday: Characters
Friday: Fireworks
Saturday: Music

There are a few simple rules:
  • Have at least one picture per post! (And it needs to be yours, you know? Let's keep it personal ;))
  • Link up here when I put the blogger linky thingy up every day (you know what I mean) so we can all visit each other and reminisce together!
  • Put my button on the post somewhere so that way others can come play too!
See? easy :) Post your pictures and stories and we'll all have a blast.

See ya real soon! (Tomorrow, that is!)


  1. Eeek! I'm super excited about this one...I'm going to go through some of our pics today! Can't wait to see everyone else's pics and read their stories!

  2. I am really excited about this... I am not sure if i am going to participate but I am for sure going to look at everyones blogs! Gosh how exciting.

  3. make that three excited bloggers! i am gonna try to get some photos rounded up-- we used to have annual passes because we lived about 5 minutes away. you would think we would have a ton of photos, but i guess when you to disneyland once a week you get over taking pictures everytime.

  4. Oooooh! I am so excited! I LOVE everything Disney! Going there this weekend! This will be fun!


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