June 8, 2010

Disney Blog Carnival: Food

Today's theme: Food!

Oddly enough, I don't have that many pictures of the actual food we ate. Not that it isn't picture-worthy. It's Disney! I am just usually more focused on chowing down than snapping pics at the table!

Remember how on yesterday's post I told you to go in September? There's another reason for that. Not only is it "off season" - which means lower crowds and lower prices, but that's also when they do their Free Dining plan. The Disney Dining Plan promotion they give you during the fall months (you'll have to look up the exact dates, it changes every year) basically is this: If you stay on-site (and why wouldn't you?) you get to eat essentially free in the parks. No, really. Free!

We take advantage of that every year.

Us having breakfast room service on our honeymoon (not included in DDP)

Yet another reason to visit Disney for a special occasion and look as conspicuous as possible through novelty ears and special occasion buttons - you get special surprise desserts!

This is the only real "foodie" picture I have. This is a peanut butter chocolate muffin from Starring Rolls cafe in MGM. I put the chip bag next to it for proportion's sake. It was THAT big! And it was, by far, the best dessert I have ever had. If you go, you HAVE to find it and try it!

Other restaurants you need to hit up:

O'hana - this restaurant is in the Polynesian Hotel next to Magic Kingdom. It's a "family style" restaurant - meaning it's all you can eat, but it's not a buffet. They bring you however much of whatever you want to your table until you can take no more. It's a Hawaiian themed restaurant and the flavors reflect the Pacific region. Yummy!!

Le Cellier - Steakhouse in the Canada pavilion in Epcot. AMAZING steak and the best breadsticks ever. That sounds silly, but they have pretzel bread breadsticks. I could fill up on those alone!

Garden Grille - At The Land pavilion in Epcot. Another family-style restaurant, but the food is all organic and delicious! You get three kinds of meat and sides, and a great dessert. The food is all grown on-site, so it's seasonal and always fresh!

The Boma - Buffet in the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort. Go for breakfast!! It has the best breakfast on site! Every possible thing you could desire is there, plus they have a section of specifically African flavors. I have to say, it's not as good as my friend's Ghanaian mom's homemade food :) But it's still good.

What are your favorite places to eat at Disney?

Tomorrow's theme: Characters!

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  1. I am seriously going to have to pick your brain whenever we plan our trip :) Such cute pictures.

  2. Oh the food of Disney. *sigh* It is pitiful to say that I teared up at the muffin picture. Starring Rolls was in our "family group" of restaurants. I never worked there but some of my favorite people ever did/do. AHHH! The need for Disney is killing me. ;)
    I am determined to eat at every single Disney restaurant, stay at every resort, etc. It will take me a very long time... but I am determined.
    And for the record, I had a dream last night that T and I met up with you and SM at Disney World... No joke. HA

  3. Urm, so your Disney posts are killing me! I am now *dying* to go!!! The only time I've been to WDW was when I was 3 and I definitely do NOT remember it. =) I'm thinking anniversary or bday trip for me (and Joe) in the very near future. Thanks for giving me, uh, trip envy. LOL!!

  4. your blog is making me hungry =)

  5. Oh my...I need that muffin.

    We're doing O'hana this year for the 1st time and I can't wait!

  6. I am appointing you as the spokesperson for Disney from here on out....I really need to visit soon, but i am skepticaly about my 15months old.


  7. Wow. I am almost positive Disneyland doesnt have that free food plan. Gosh that is such a great idea!!

    The food looks o so yummy. I love the special foods you got for your anniversaries, yummy!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours and your photos. You are just as cute as you can be.
    Just a tidbit of trivia: O'hana means "family" in Hawaiian. Maybe that's the connection in feeding you family style???
    I'm glad you had a good time.

  9. If I only had pictures of me at Disney! I havent been since 3rd grade but I can't wait for Caleb to get a little older so we can take him :) You guys look so cute in these pictures...I like your long hair! I have never seen you with long hair :)


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